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How to Write a Resume

How to Write a Resume get help and information about how to write a resume that will get you noticed by using action verbs using the proper layout, the correct type of paper, font and colors. Using the proper format will give you an easy to read resume that your potential employer can quickly glean your important information from. You can consult this guide to find out how to write a resume with help and tips to answer your need for a great resume. The free resume creator program we offer will show you how to write a resume providing you with help and tips throughout the creation process. The proper format will be maintained automatically by the program.

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How to Write a Resume

How to Write a Resume:

Make short entries using simple, easy to read language that can be quickly read and understood. The person doing the hiring will not try to figure out what information you are attempting to convey, they will get frustrated and throw it away. Mistakes to Avoid

Your resume information should fit on one page if possible, using two pages is acceptable as long as the information is important and not just bloat or filler. Choosing a sorting order, styles and formats.

When you write your sentences use 12 words or less to make it easy to read quickly. Use keyword optimization methods to empower your education and abilities.

Construct your sentences to be specific and to the point, it is more effective to provide examples.

Personal references should be placed on a separate sheet that matches your resume and brought with you to your interview in case you are asked for references. You can make a matching reference page using our free reference page creator.

Do not enter any salary or wage information you will negotiate that later in the hiring process.

To make things easier you can download our questionnaire to collect and organize all of your details.

If you need assistance leaving your old job try our resignation letter writing tool.

Proper Resume Format:

Print using better quality 8.5" x 11" paper.

Use bright white, ivory, or gray paper preferably neutral colors are recommended, stay away from brightly colored paper.

Set the margins to one inch on all four sides.

Fancy fonts such as outlines, scripts, and shadows should not be used; choose easy to read fonts. Our creator program is set up to do this.

Fancy artwork or backgrounds on the paper should not be used as it can distract the eyes from your information.

Use single spaces for your information within each section. Our resume creator will do this for you if you press the Enter key once after each line you type.

To make your headings more noticeable make them bold, underlined, or capitalized. Our templates automatically do this for you.

Each line you enter in the various sections should have an asterisk or bullet at the beginning of each line. Our free resume creator automatically places a bullet at the correct spot when you press enter after each entry.

Resume Sections:

Contact Information:
Enter your full name, your complete mailing address, and your telephone number with the area code. Be sure include your email address, but don't use a childish sounding email address, for example: partyanimal@email.com.

Objective: Objective Samples
Write one short sentence describing your goals or the type of work you are looking for: "Seeking a full-time position in...."

Skills: Skills Samples
Write several very short sentences describing your abilities to provide a quick list of what your capabilities are. The person interviewing you will be able to quickly discover your skill set.

Education: Education Guide
List your most recent school first with the rest in descending order. List your degrees, apprenticeships, internships, co-ops, and certifications. Enter the school's name and address, the completion date, and the degree or certificate you earned. List any courses relevant to the position you are applying for under each school's listing. You can enter the relevant courses in our resume creator's "Other" space for each school.

Experience: Experience Guide
List your most recent employer first with the rest in descending order. List your include your position title, company name, city and state. A space called "Description/Duties" is provided where you can enter your job description, listing the duties and accomplishments that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

Personal references should be placed on a separate sheet with the same layout, paper, font, color and heading as your resume. Putting them on you resume is not necessary and it only makes it longer. You can make a matching reference page using our free reference page creator.

New features are always added so check back often.

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