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The PCman Website

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The PCman Website

About The PCman Website

About The PCman Website The concept for The PCman Website originated in 1999 though it had much less to offer than it does now, but it did have the core features that have continued to make it so popular today. As the years come and go the needs of the internet community change, more and more features were added to satisfy those needs. The PCman Website continues to evolve to meet the needs of its visitors, much time and effort go into making this site the best it can be. The site is still managed by the original developers so this ideal continues. Now, on with the story …


At its start in 1999 The PCman Website existed as a subdomain of a free hosting site that was prevalent at the time. Back then many of the free hosting services either closed down or converted to paid hosting. The free host where The PCman resided happened to close down. The whole site was then moved to another free hosting provider, a short time later that host became a paid hosting provider.

On account of the site being so well received the decision was made to move to another, more permanent location that wouldn't be subject to the whims of its web host. Then, on July 14, 2001 the domain name "thepcmanwebsite.com" was registered and a paid web host with a monthly fee was selected. After some research a better host was finally found, one that had all the specifications requested by its IT department. The PCman Website has used that same host ever since and has grown into the success it is today.


The PCman Website has been live and online since 1999, the site has provided continuous service all that time. It is here for the long haul with the mission to always expand its offerings.


It is located at the web address: https://www.thepcmanwebsite.com.


The PCman Website was created to provide a platform where its visitors could get the various free software and free services developed by its programmers. Its mission was to give away everything for free the way the internet was back in the 1990s and the early 2000s when the site began. Following that trend was how the "everything for free" concept came about. Even today after all these years the administrators still subscribe to the original philosophy.

All of the software and services on this site are free for all to download and use. No fees or payments are expected, no costs will be incurred by its visitors. Everything has been free for nearly 20 years now. Everything is completely functional with no restrictions or limitations. These are not trial versions for you to try, then get you to buy a better version. That includes the resumes and all the other career building resources.


The products and services available range from career building tools and tutorials, webmaster tools and resources, computer software, games, greeting cards and more the list goes on. There is a varied menu of services, tutorials and downloads. The scope of the offerings expands in correlation with the needs of The PCman's visitors. The PCman Website never stands still, but instead is continually growing and evolving. Discover all the benefits that The PCman Website offers by viewing the menu on the top right.


All of this great content is provided for free because The PCman Website is ad supported. This model lets the advertisers pay for the administration, hosting and publishing costs. This is why there are no charges or fees for the visitors, instead the creative staff can focus on creating great products and services. What do other visitors think about The PCman Website? View the Testimonials page and see.

The PCman Website is always updated so come back often.

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