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About The PCman Website Network

About The PCman Website Network The PCman Website Network started as a website called The PCman Website with the web address: The address refers to the site you are now visiting. We specifically created this page as the main page for our entire network.

Before we created this original site, when we would search the internet for the programs and services that we needed, we weren't satisfied with what was available from the internet community. It became apparent that other people might also feel the same way because they weren't finding what they wanted or needed. So we built our first site,, and added many unrelated features to it as our personal needs arose. As time progressed and our needs expanded, we began to branch out. Instead of continually adding new features to a single website, we created several focused niche sites to provide a better experience for our visitors.

The network grew into a family of websites, each offering valuable free services to the internet community. They provide popular products and services at no cost to their users. Our free products and services range from free online games to business card creators. And webmaster tools to fonts, slogan generators, and resumes. Our offerings are widely varied to satisfy our many visitors' needs. Our users can receive the products and services they need free without paying fees or charges. Being free was always our core mission. Providing these products and services for free makes our web properties sought after by the users who need these products and services.

The PCman Website's network of properties can provide these products and services because third-party advertising subsidizes them. This method pays for all development, web serving, and administrative costs. Paid advertising enables The PCman's network to provide all these services free of charge to our users. The advertising displayed throughout the network is carefully selected to ensure the sites serve socially suitable ads. We understand that visitors of varied demographics will visit these properties, and with that in mind, we strive to make our network a safe, pleasant environment for everyone.

Following is a list of our properties. This link will take you to our search page, which will enable you to search the entire network with one simple click. Please feel free to explore these properties and discover the quality products and services they offer.

Network Properties List

The PCman Website • Resumes-Freeware-Free Games-Web Tools

The PCman has served the community since July 2001.

The PCman Website, the site you are now visiting, offers many assorted free products and services to include freeware downloads, themes, templates, fonts, clipart, and much more. You can play numerous games online on your computer or mobile device too. There are many business-related programs. Create your business cards, resumes, and cover letters. A large webmaster tools section is filled with custom code generators, web templates, creators, and tips to help you build your web development projects. Learn more about The PCman Website.

Resumizer the Free Resume Creator Online • Write and Print Your Resume Instantly

Resumizer has served job seekers since March 2006.

Resumizer is a free online Resume Creator program that provides the job seeker with a matching resume, cover letter, reference page, and double-sided networking business cards. Resumizer has templates, help, and tips to assist job seekers with getting new jobs and then leaving their current positions. The resumes can be created, edited, printed, hosted in the directory, exported, or sent to an employer. There are many styles and fonts from which to choose. Use any color to personalize and customize the job seeker's resume. Membership is not required. For those who opt in for a free membership, an array of additional services are available. Follow the link to know more about Resumizer.

BizCardCreator the Free Business Cards Creator • DIY to Create and Print Business Cards

BizCardCreator has served businesses since August 2006.

BizCardCreator lets anyone who has basic computer skills follow the wizard format to create and print custom, double-sided business cards any time of the day. Use any paper type, including plain paper or perforated business card paper. Built into the program is a stock image library where guests can choose their favorite logos and backgrounds. The business cards created by BizCardCreator are highly customizable with a great selection of colors, fonts, styles, logos, and background images. This program can produce thousands upon thousands of unique design combinations. Find out more about BizCardCreator.

Sloganmania the Slogans Generator App • Generate Advertising Slogans & Taglines

Sloganmania has served the community since June 2011.

Sloganmania offers a slogans generator to create custom advertising slogans and taglines using its free online generator app that requires no registration or download. Make all the free slogans you need any time. If you need advertising slogans or taglines for your business or organization, you can make one yourself here in seconds with a Free Slogans Generator app. You don't need to register, pay, or download anything to use it. There is nothing to buy. You will not pay anything to use what you create!

Resume 4 Free • Get Your Resume and More for Free

Resume4Free has served job seekers since November 2011.

Create your resume, cover letter, reference page, networking business cards, interview thank-you letter, and resignation letter using the free online web apps. Get help and tips from our Career Help library to build your career. You can also use your computer, smartphone, or mobile device to access your resume from anywhere in the world. Membership is not required, and Resume4Free asks for no payment from its guests or members.
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