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The PCman's Free Games for Your Website

games for your sitePut our games on your website

Get Free games for your website, simply copy and paste the code of each game you want to add to your page. We did all of the work for you. People have asked us about adding our games to their sites, so here they are! Either copy and paste the code of each individual game you want to have onto your page, link to this all games page, or use our games drop-down menu feature. All of the work has been done for you for each of these options. Find the code for each option later on this page. Now you don't have to use up your web space or monthly traffic allowance (bandwidth), and we automatically fix any bugs and make needed updates. Choose as many or all of the online arcade games you want.

We made the game pages have a generic design so they would fit into any site's theme. The pages are generic so your visitors won't realize they went to another site. Click the following links to try the games. They are the same as the pages your visitors will see. If you have any questions or requests please visit our help and support page or contact us using our support form. Enjoy the games! They are another free service from The PCman Website. If you came to our site to play games please go to the arcade to Play Free Games powered by The PCman Website

The PCman's Free Games for Your Website

Instructions for using these codes: Right-click the box you want to copy, choose "Select All." Right-click again and choose "Copy." Then you can paste the code wherever you wish onto your page. The following links to our game pages are the same pages your visitors will see.

Complete Games List Page

  • Free Games

Games Drop-Down Menu

We have a feature to easily add our games to your blog or web pages. Put our Games Drop-Down Menu on your pages to access our games easily. We have chosen a selection of popular game titles for your visitors to play. To use the drop-down menu feature simply click the box and the menu drops down. The visitor then clicks the game they want to play and they will go to that free game page. It's that simple!

Codes for the Individual Games

  • Age Calculator
  • Checkers
  • Funny Face Memory
  • Guess My Number
  • Hangman
  • Numerical Mahjongg
  • Past Life Predictor
  • Psychic Ability Test
  • Sliding Tile Puzzle
  • Slogan Generator
  • Slot Machine
  • Solitaire HTML5
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Tower of Hanoi
  • Word Search Puzzle
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