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Free Games for Blog or Website

Free Games For Your Blog or Website to Copy and Paste

free games for blog website Free games for a blog or website to copy and paste. Use these free games on your blog, website or social networking profile. Give your visitors a more enjoyable experience as they visit your pages. It is a simple matter to copy and paste the code of each game you want to add to your page, be it a blog, social networking page or traditional site. All of the work is done for you, you will not need to search the net for all of your favorite games for website.

If you don't know how to add games for blog website code that's OK, this page will solve your problem. You simply choose which games for website you like then copy and paste the games for website code onto your page and you are done.

We offer several formats to add the games. You can choose our individual games, a games menu or complete pages that already have all of the games on them. The pages are the least maintenance way to go. We will add and update the page, nothing additional needs to be done by you so you can add the games for website code and move on to other things. If you need help adding games code to your page we have that too. If you came to play you can do that too!
The PCman's Free Games For Your Blog Website

Individual Selection

If you choose to select them individually, browse the code pages to pick your favorites. They will work on your blog, social networking profile or website.

Completed Page

If you want a completed page with no maintenance needs and your only decision being if you want to have a page with lists and thumbnail images of each game then this is for you. Adding the code is as simple for each choice, these codes will work on your blog, social networking profile, or any other type of site. To view or add the list pages please use these codes:

Drop Down Menu

You can also use our drop down menu with all games included. We add new versions and perform updates to the menu. This will work on your blog, social networking profile, or any site. For more information and to get the most updated version of the code view our drop down menu page

Play Free Games Here!
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Help - Support

If you are unsure about how to copy and paste the code on your pages we have provided a help page with simple instructions describing how to use the codes with various sites and programs.
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