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Freeware Downloads Categories

freeware Here are Freeware Downloads listed in categories: Apps, Game Downloads, System Utilities, and much more. There is also an Anti-Virus and security section. We have Free Internet Access, FTP, Browser Utilities, Business Word Processing, Disk Utilities, Graphics Utilities, Hardware Utilities, Internet Utilities, Internet Stuff, and Upload-Download Utilities. Your source for freeware downloads, free software, and utilities for a Windows PC computer. Note: These freeware programs are for a PC running Windows.
Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, this software is freeware. If you authored any of this software and you don't want it included in our collection, please contact us and we will remove it. Also, we did not write most of this software. Per our Terms of Service, we are not responsible if your computer is damaged. Always virus check your files first. Please explore The PCman's Freeware categories. If you are not comfortable with this policy, please don't download anything from this site!

Freeware Downloads

  • Backgrounds • Images we made for you to use in your projects.
  • Clipart • Clipart for desktop publishing and web design.
  • Cursors • Cursors for your computer or web page.
  • Fonts • Well over a thousand fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Free Skins and Themes • Browse our collection of skins and themes for XP, Media Player, and Winamp.
  • Wallpaper • Desktop backgrounds for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Audio Utilities

  • Asia • Asia is a nice working .wav file editor, player and editor for audio files.
  • CD-R ID • This program checks the dye type and brand of CD-Rs.
  • Maplay1.2+ • An MP3 player and decoder converts them into .wav files.
  • MP3 Decode • A decoder that quickly converts MP3s to wave files.
  • How to Copy Records and Tapes to CD • Part 1: With simple step-by-step instructions, our tutorial that explains how to record music on your computer and make your own CDs from it. We tell you about the common hardware and free software you will need to record your own music onto CDs.
  • How to Record Music to CD • Part 2: How to record music with your computer tutorial with easy directions explained in simple terms anyone can understand.
  • Audacity • A full-featured open-source audio editor.

Disk, Hardware & System Utilities

  • Disappear • Easily remove backgrounds from desktop icons.
  • Disk Hog • Analyze and display hard disk space usage in a chart.
  • Disk Scan • Another program that analyzes hard disk space usage.
  • Eraser • Use this to wipe your drive clean.
  • Frehed • A free hex editor it is a stand alone executable that works very well.
  • Partition Resizer • Resize your partitions with built-in power fail protection.
  • Process View • Show the DLLs used with running apps.
  • Slo • Slow your computer so you can play those old DOS games.
  • Space Monger • Show current disk space usage.
  • Time and Date Shell Extension • Change the time and date in file properties.
  • Transparent • Make icon text boxes on your desktop clear.
  • WCPUID • CPU identification software that gives information about your computer's hardware.
  • Win Ghost • Record and playback mouse and keyboard events.

Graphics Utilities

  • Code V Ruler • A good tool for measuring images and objects on your screen.
  • Color Cop • It's a color picker, hex converter and more.
  • Color Converter • Convert RGB to hex and the other way around.
  • Dot Color • A simple color picker.
  • Gimp • A very powerful popular open source graphics editor.
  • Icon View • Copy icons from executables, DLLs, etc.
  • Irfanview • An image viewer, editor, and batch editor supports tons of image, audio, and video formats.
  • Moose Picture Pro • Make a slide show from images in a directory.

Internet Utilities

  • Firefox • A browser with tons of add-ons and selectable skins.
  • Juno • They offer 10 hours of free dial-up internet per month.
  • NetZero • Another free ISP also gives you 10 hours/month.
  • Mail.com • An email account with your choice of domain name.
  • Pop-Up Ad Blocker Test • Does your software block all types of pop-up windows?
  • Speed Test • An online app that tests both download and upload speeds.
  • Thunderbird • A faster, safer, and more productive email program.
  • WAP Tools • Utilities, tools and WBMP images available for download for WAP website development.
  • What Is My IP Address? IP Checker and Tutorial • Our page shows your IP address with a tutorial that explains in layman's terms, what it is and how it works.
  • Add A Link • Add a link to your website or blog.

Miscellaneous Utilities

  • 7-Zip • An open source app to zip and unzip files, 7-Zip uncompresses many different formats.
  • Anti-virus • Virus scanners, tests, help, anti-virus utilities for email and operating systems.
  • Blaze FTP • A web file transfer protocol (FTP) client.
  • Classified Ad Listing • List an ad to sell something or browse to find something.
  • Filezilla • An awesome open source FTP client program.
  • Free Watch • A small stop watch program.
  • Perl Scripts • Perl scripts written by The PCman.
  • Places Bar Creator for Windows XP • Add custom locations to you browse box places bar.
  • Print Graph Paper Online • Print graph paper here you can choose the grid size and color.
  • Virus Scanner Test • Test your computer's virus protection online.
  • WinSCP • A secure, encrypted FTP client that permits you to log in as root.

Fitness Magazines

Resource Websites

  • Resumizer the Free Resume Creator • Write and print your resume online in a few simple steps, there are many styles, and custom options with tips to guide you. Update and edit your resume at any time with no fees or membership required.
  • BizCardCreator the Free Online Business Cards Creator • Instantly create and print your own full color, custom business cards online. There are many styles you may use our stock logos and backgrounds or your own. Use any colors and much more. There are no fees or membership required.
  • Resume 4 Free • A Free Resume Creator to create, manage and share your resume using our suite of online tools. It almost writes itself. Use the system as much as you like there is no cost or obligation.
  • Slogans Generator App to Make Advertising Slogans & Taglines • Create custom advertising slogans and taglines yourself using our free online generator app that requires no registration or download. Make all the free slogans you need anytime. Get a Slogan4U now!
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