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What is My IP Address? Ip Address Checker and Tutorial

ip address checker What is My IP Address? IP Address Checker and Tutorial, instantly find out the IP Address of your computer anytime. Our simple language Tutorial explains in layman's terms what it is and how it works. Your IP address is the location of your computer on the internet like your house has an address so people can find it. It is given to your computer so when you surf the web and try to view a web page or whatever the web server that has the information you are trying to view will know where to send it. Please finish reading our ip address tutorial as it explains things a bit further. Feel free to check the IP address of your computer anytime you wish with our online ip address checker also try our secret hidden info page.

IP Address Checker Tool and Tutorial

Your IP Address is...

IP Address Tutorial

IP stands for internet protocol. The IP address is different for every computer on the internet that is how the requests from all of the other computers on the internet don't get mixed up with what you are trying to view. This system keeps everything separate and organized. An IP address has 4 groups of 3 numbers, separated by periods, with numbers ranging from 0-255 like this: ( With different combinations of numbers you can have millions of IPs.

To keep the IP addresses from getting duplicated the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) delegates IP number assignment to local Regional Internet Registries (RIR). These two bodies are under control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which is under ultimate control of United States Department of Commerce.

If you have a dedicated IP that means you keep the same IP all of the time. People who have T1 lines and the like have dedicated IPs. Also, web servers and websites can pay to have a dedicated IP.

Others with cable internet access have what is called a leased IP which they will have for a short time, several days or so, then it is changed automatically by the cable internet company. I never had DSL but the research I have done tells me it is dedicated.

Dial up users get a different IP address every time they dial up because they call into a different modem each time they call in. AOL seems to switch to different IP's as the person is viewing. Upon checking our access logs I can see the same person having many different IP's as they surf our site. this can actually be misleading when counting site visitors as one person can have several IP's during the same visit. If many people visit from AOL it magnifies the error.

Now obviously it would be very difficult to remember a long 12 digit number to visit sites on the internet so they came up with the DNS Domain name Server system. Very quickly when you type in a website address it is sent to computers on the internet (name servers) that translate the typed word address into its numerical IP address so other internet computers (routers) know where to send your request for you to view that website. Your request to view a website might have to hop through 15 or more computers on the internet to get to where you want to go.

So really the internet works with numerical IP addresses, the name servers convert our alphabetical web addresses to make it easier for people to use. It all gets a lot more complicated, this is a basic layman's explanation, it's amazing it works at all when you think about it.
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