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The PCman's Free Computer Virus Help and Recovery

computer virus help, information and freeware Free Computer Virus Help and Recovery is a resource of free virus scanners, information and instructions to remove and clean viruses, worms and trojans from a computer and email with freeware downloads. There are many freeware scanners for download and online. Information on the latest viruses, worms, trojans and variants is available. Information on email protection and security testing is available. A resource of info is provided to fix, remove and clean infection from a computer.
  • What is a Virus?
    A virus is a program or code that causes harm or inconvenience to a computer. Viruses are usually made to look like games or other desirable files.
  • What is a Worm?
    Worms are viruses that multiply themselves. They often send themselves to other computers through emails to cause even more trouble.
  • What is a Trojan Horse?
    A Trojan horse does not multiply to create more copies of itself. They sit in wait until they are ready to strike depending upon what their programming tells them to do.

virus help Check out our Virus Scanner Test Page.

Virus Information

  • F Secure • Info about hoaxes and real threats.
  • Virus • Information on current and past infections.
  • Stiller Research • Virus hoax database.
  • Virus or Hoax? • Info on real and hoax infections

Free Virus Scanner Freeware Spyware

Virus Removal Tools

  • BitDefender • For many different types of viruses.
  • AnalogX Script Defender • Intercepts harmful scripts being run.
  • Help Removing a Virus • McAfee has a help forum

Email Protection

  • Email Spam Stopper • Create code to stop email spam on your web pages.
  • Mail Washer • Delete viruses and spam on the server before your email is downloaded.
  • Upgrade Internet Explorer • Keep your browser up to date with the latest versions with all the bug fixes.
  • eTrust Content Inspection PE • Blocks viruses and worms in emails.
  • GFI Email Security Testing Zone • They test your vulnerability


  • Zone Alarm • Another great firewall program, needed for cable or DSL.
  • Agnitum Outpost Firewall • Firewall with updates, internet security suite.
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