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The PCman's Free WAP Tools and Resources

free wap tools Free WAP Tools and Resources online wml wap page creator, wbmp images, simulation and freeware downloads. Here is some help for developing WAP sites. Cell Phones and PDA use Wireless Application Protocol to view web pages they must have a small file size because the bandwidth is so limited. Our wbmp images are small in file size to help with download times. These tools, resources and our online WAP page creator should help you with your site building efforts.

Freeware WAP WBMP Images

Free WAP Images to download and use on your WAP pages, they are wbmp images the type used on WAP .wml pages. Choose your favorite pictures then download the images to your hard drive. Upload them to your server by right-clicking the corresponding links. Then choose "Save Target As...." You must download them this way because your desktop computer is most likely not set up to view wbmp images or .wml pages. They are really designed for cellphones. The images on this page are .gifs, we are showing them as examples of the wbmp images they represent. WBMP images only work on a WAP page when you view them using a wireless device or emulator. Free WAP images, wbmp for use with wml pages. Some of these pictures were created by unknown authors from the public domain.

The PCman's Old WAP Website Simulation

The following WAP website simulation is an archived simulation of The PCman's old WAP site. This is a sim, but it shows what the site's pages used to look like. The links to all the sim's pages are active and working. We created it with our WAP Page Creator though we only used the first body section to create the pages. The pages here are actually written in HTML so you can view them with your browser, but we set them up to look the same as they did when we had our WAP website.

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