how to write a reference page
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How to Write a Reference Page

how to write a reference page How to write a reference page. When writing, there are a few common errors that you should avoid, as well as some key additions that you should include to compliment your resume portfolio. You will learn how to choose the best contacts to include, how to properly format your page, and what the proper etiquette is when asking for a reference. This guide is about how to write a reference page that will also apply to situations where you need to fill out an online job application.

How to Write a Reference Page

Who should I include on my reference page?

Your reference page would be nothing without contacts that are willing to speak on your behalf. You need to know how and why you should include someone on your exclusive list.

Use Common Sense
Take care when selecting your references; it may seem obvious, but make sure that they will illuminate your positive qualities. You know whom you have impressed, or who appreciates your work, use that to your advantage and ask them to speak for you.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder
Never forget about the people who have helped advance your career, but be sure to ask at least one person from an upper management position (if possible) to speak of you. It comes off as very impressive if, for example, the Director or Manager describes how much you have aided his or her company.

How do I ask my reference to speak well of me?

The most important part of any business is the relationships that you build with people, especially people who are influential in your field. The best way to have someone write or give a reference for you is to build a professional relationship with them, so they want to help you.

Keep it Personal
You could email your contact and ask them to help you with a resume reference. You could also try to keep in touch with them by actually giving them a call or taking a trip to their place of business. Maintaining a more robust relationship with your reference makes that contact feel more willing to portray you with a positive image.

Reference Page Formatting

You, of course, need to make sure that your formatting is correct so that after your potential employer views the page, you maintain credibility. Here are some major details that you must include in the proper format procedures:
  1. Be sure to use light-colored paper that exactly matches the paper you chose for your resume. It is available with a 24 or 32-pound weight. Also, be sure to use a matching envelope that typically comes with the paper. All of your documents must match as this will create a professional look that employers have come to expect.
  2. The font that you select for your resume must also be used for your reference page. Make sure that the font is dark and very easy to read. Now companies are electronically scanning resumes and if you choose a font that is difficult to read, your resume may be passed by as the machine cannot understand the font that you chose.
  3. Use single spacing for your references' contact information.
  4. Use one-inch margins on all sides.
  5. Use double-spacing between each contact.
  6. Include three to five references.

Reference Page Sections

The reference page is divided into several sections that have specific information that an employer expects to find. Observe the proper information that must be included.

Your Personal Contact Information: at the top of the page you should include information such as: your full name, street address, telephone number, and an appropriate work email address.

Your References' Contact Information: Remember to only include three to five separate references, and feel free to be selective about the references that you choose to use. If you are applying for a certain type of job, only include the best and most relevant references.

The information that you should display for a reference encompasses:
  1. Full Name: Write the full name of the person you are using as a reference.
  2. Company Position: What position does he/she hold at the company they currently work?
  3. Company Name and Address: Put the company name and full street address or their home address if it is a personal reference.
  4. Contact Number: Enter the contact's telephone number.
  5. Contact Email Address: Enter the contact's email address.
  6. Affiliation: Be sure to write a sentence or two about how you know your contact and what kind of tasks you performed for them. Use keyword optimization here.
Now you know how to write a reference page and customize it to make it your own! If you want some help creating your resume reference page visit our Free Reference Page Creator and our job help section.
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