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Resume Skills Samples

resume skills samples Our resume skills samples show you what points you should write about that will convey your abilities and qualifications to an employer in a quick efficient manner. You are welcome to use these resume skills samples to simplify your writing process. Pick from these resume skills samples, find several that seem most applicable to your job situation.

Use action verbs from our list to replace words in our resume skills samples to tailor it to your needs. You can also replace words with synonyms you can find in a thesaurus to customize it. You can also take part of one resume skills sample and piece it together with part of another to customize it even further to fit your job and career.

It has generally been customary to write resume skills samples as a bulleted list. Make short sentences that get straight to the point about the skills you are trying to convey. Think of all of your abilities that apply to the job you are trying to get. Write down the most relevant ones each in its own short bulleted sentence.

You will want to write well of yourself, but don't go overboard. If you claim that you have an ability you don't have or aren't very well versed in they may call your bluff. You may be called upon to perform a task needing the skill you don't really have and you are unable to perform that task. An employer may let you go for not being truthful since new hires are generally on a trial period so it is legally easier to let you go. That applies to anything you write on your resume.

Following we have written some resume skills samples that you may use and rewrite as needed, use a thesaurus to swap out words as desired.
You will want to use keyword optimization to customize your skills for each job which you apply. Using action verbs in your writing will give more forcefulness to your words. Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Skills Samples

  1. strong communication skills
  2. able to adapt to difficult situations
  3. discovered new planet in the solar system
  4. capable problem solver
  5. speak spanish and french
  6. proficient at Microsoft office programs
  7. increased sales 50% in one year
  8. working knowledge of C++
  9. completed projects on time and on budget
  10. excellent team leadership skills
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