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Resume Fonts Selection

resume fonts slection Resume fonts selection can be as important as what you write. Choosing the wrong resume fonts you can make it unnecessarily difficult for the employer to read your resume which defeats its purpose. The main objective is to make it as easy as possible to read and make it easy to extract the info they are looking for in 30 seconds or less. We offer some perspective on how to choose the best resume fonts and make it easy to read.
Resume Fonts Selection
You will want to optimize your resume for each job for which you apply.
If you are changing your information for each job, you may need to add volume or take some away to make it fit on one page. Use common fonts; many employers will electronically scan your resume. Uncommon resume fonts may make it difficult for the OCR (optical character recognition) program to convert your resume into a file.

Resume Fonts Selection

  • Basic Choices
    Try to use easy to read resume fonts such as Arial, Courier, Georgia, Tahoma, Times New Roman, or Verdana. You want the employer to be able to scan through your information quickly. You want to gain every advantage that you can; if you can do something as simple as picking the best resume fonts for your resume, then all the better. The employer will be searching for certain keywords and you want them to be easily found. The information in this guide can be applied to your cover letter, reference page and other job related documents.
  • Need More Substance?
    Do you feel like your resume looks empty because you don't have much of an employment history or much education? You don't want to add filler and fluff to add volume, so instead, you can use resume fonts what fill more space on the page. That way it won't look like you are trying to make it look more impressive than it really is. Monospaced resume fonts such as courier could be used or resume fonts with wider spacing like Verdana, Tahoma, or Georgia. You can also make the size larger.
  • Too Much To Say?
    It is common practice that you will use one page or possibly two if it is truly necessary. In this case, you will want to work on consolidating what you write. You can use Arial, which is one of the more compact resume fonts. You can make the size smaller, but not so small that it makes it more difficult to read. Some people have vision problems, which adds to the difficulty. The point is to make it easier to read so be mindful of that when using smaller sizes.
  • White Space
    Bear in mind that having white space between your sections, lists, and headings also enables the employer to read more quickly. It is more comfortable for the employer's eyes. White space can also be used to some degree to space things out to look more substantial.

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