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Free PC Mad Libs Game Online

Free Mad Libs PC Game an online web version of the old Mad Libs party game! Put words as called for in the spaces and create a story by pushing the "Create Story" button to create a story like Mad Libs it's fun. What you've created may end up being fantastic, screamingly funny, shocking, silly, crazy or just plain dumb. It all depends upon the words you've chosen and how they "fit" into the Madlibs story! Play Free Mad Libs game online here. Online Madlibs web game. free mad libs online madlibs story words create
The PCman's Free PC Mad Libs Game

On with the game...

Plural Noun
Plural Noun
Room in a House


A review of the different parts of speech

In case you've forgotten what the various parts of speech are, here is a quick review of the basics:
  1. A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. Examples include umbrella, sidewalk and car.
  2. An adjective describes someone or something. Examples include creative, red, ugly and short.
  3. A verb is an action word. Examples include run, jump, swim and fly.
  4. An adverb tells how something is done. Examples include greedily, rapidly, and carefully.

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