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Deluxe Pool Game HTML5

Play Deluxe Pool Game HTML5 online. Line up your shot and knock the balls into the pockets. You will play against the AI. Shoot the balls into the pockets but not the cue ball because you will lose your turn. To play the deluxe pool flash game, first, click or tap on the game table to bring it into focus on your device. Next, position your finger or mouse on the table depending on which device you are using to play. Then move your finger or mouse to aim the cue stick towards the cue ball in the direction you wish to make your shot. Hold down your pointing device to vary the level of power that you will apply to the shot. You will see the power scale moving. As it changes from low to high, it shows the range of power you may apply. Decide what level of power you wish to administer. When the power scale reaches that point, release your finger or mouse button to make your shot.

You will sink the target ball into the pocket by hitting the cue ball in the proper direction and using the appropriate amount of power. Your turn will continue until you miss by not knocking one of your balls into one of the pockets. You and the AI will each keep taking turns until a player sinks all of their balls into the pockets. Come anytime to play this deluxe pool game coded in HTML5. The arcade is always open. Please enjoy and play this and other games at The PCman's fun, free games arcade. We have many more games for you to play.
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