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Stupid Dance

Your source for fun, free games-services-software

Stupid Dance

The PCman's Arcade Stupid Dance

Stupid Dance check it out to see how stupid it is. See I told you it was stupid... Enjoy, our stupid dance in The PCman's fun, free games arcade.
The PCman's Arcade Stupid Dance

oooeee! poo on you! slurp! vbnhfb! froggie! vbnhfb! oooeee!
Hip hip hurray! Yippeee! Hee Haw! Yahooo! Are we done yet?
That's enough already!   Can I go now? It's past my bedtime!   Call me for dinner! I need a banana!   I have an itch! That's enough already!  
Boogie woogie! Yowie! Boogie woogie! Hotsy totsy! Well now! Time to play! Electric! Geewiz! Zonkers! Kaplooey! Zoink! Hello! Zoink!
Enough now! Alrighty then! vbnhfb! Got some cheese? This is dumb!
How's your day? I have nothing to say!   Wowie! Zowie!   Oh yeah! Woah there!   zoom
Free to play all day, free twenty-four seven, free three hundred and sixty-five!

Please enjoy these new fun, free games. Please visit often.

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