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The PCman's Vintage Game Quiz

vintage game quiz A Game Quiz for you to answer questions about some of the all time popular games. See how much of a gamer you really are. A true gamer's score is 7 or more correct answers. Try your luck see if you can correctly answer all of the questions. It is fun to get the questions right in this free quiz. Enjoy The PCman's fun, free games arcade.
Select your answers from the drop down boxes. Good Luck!
1. WARM-UP: Who created the famous WarCraft 2?
2. Which famous 3D shooter claimed PC Gamer's Game of 1994 Award?
3. What is the first intergalatic combat game? Name it.
4. The game with no graphics was this classic by Roberta Williams.
5. Which was the first real-time strategy game?
6. In PC Gamer, Quake won which "of-the-year" awards in 1996?
7. Which of these is the best selling game of all time?
8. Which one is a turn-based strategy game?
9. PC Gamer's Best Game of 1996 went to:
10. Blizzard's release, Diablo is a:
You got correct out of 10 on the first try!
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