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Freeware Downloads 1

freeware Freeware in many categories:Browser Utilities, Free Internet Access, Downloads, Internet Utilities, FTP, Download Managers, Surfing Stuff. We've collected some of the best freeware that rivals paid programs. We constantly search for better and better freeware, so check back often and Bookmark this page as freeware softwares are always added.

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More Freeware

The PCman's Freeware Downloads Categories

Freeware Downloads

Disclaimer:To the best of our knowledge these are freeware unless otherwise noted. If anyone owns any of these softwares and doesn't want it included in our archive let us know. We did not write these softwares if they damage your computer we are not responsible. Always virus check your files first. If you are not comfortable with this policy don't download anything from our site!

  • Fonts - thousands of fonts for windows, mac and linux.
  • Clipart - clipart for desktop publishing and web design.
  • Cursors - cursors for your computer.
  • Skins and Themes - for XP, Media Player, Winamp.
  • Wallpaper - for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Color Convertor - converts RGB to hex and vice versa.
  • Color Maker - create colors copy RGB value to clipboard.
  • Disappear - removes background from desktop icons.
  • Error Buddy - shows program error code meanings.
  • Frehed - free hex editor works nicely.
  • Free Watch - a small stop watch program.
  • Maplay1.2+ - An Mp3 player and decoder makes .wav.
  • Matrix - a peg jumping and elimination game.
  • Memory Game - A game like concentration.
  • Monopoly - well... it's pc monopoly.
  • Moose Picture Pro - makes slide show from images in a directory.
  • MP3 Decode - converts MP3's to wave files.
  • Icon View - copy icons from exe's, dll's, etc.
  • Partition Resizer - resizer w/ power fail protection.
  • PCMan Game Archive - down load a clone of Pacman.
  • Process View - shows DLL's used for running apps.
  • Slo - slows your computer so you can play old DOS games.
  • Time and Date Shell Extension - change time and date in file properties.
  • Transparent - makes icon text boxes on desktop clear.
  • Un-ARC - removes archive and read-only attributes in dir's and sub dir's.
  • Visual Model Builder - 240 premade shapes.
  • WCPUID - cpu identification software.
  • Win Ghost - record and playback mouse and keyboard events..
  • Word Wacko - a game like Mad Libs.
  • YWOOP - tells your weight on the sun,moon,and planets.
  • Zeroth Zone - a space game with a ship on the moon.
  • Fatal Error - pretends to erase your drive/delete files.
  • Open Pass - (4K)Views passwords under asterisks.
  • Virus - pretends to be a virus invading your system.

Browser Utilities

  • Firefox - browser with built-in email and changeable skins.
  • Thunderbird - faster, safer, and more productive email program.
  • Hidden Visitor Info - see how much our web server knows about you.
  • Skins and Themes - Skins for Media Player, Winamp, XP, Internet Explorer.
  • IE5 Power Tweaks - adds features to Internet Explorer 5.
  • KillTimer - auto keep you online by clicking AOL pop-ups.
  • Windows CleanUp! - "cleans" cache, cookies, history, more.
  • About My Cache - for 16 bit MSIE, Netscape and Opera.
  • CacheView - an offline cache viewer for Netscape Navigator.
  • CoolSync - access your bookmarks from any computer anywhere.
  • MR Tech Systray - flush cookies, cache, history and more.
  • Nag Blast - closes user-selected nag or popup windows.

Free Internet Access

  • Juno - offers 10 hours per month.
  • NetZero - free isp also 10 hours/month starting 10-01-01.
  • No Charge - dial up isp for the Seattle and New England areas.
  • Address.com - no longer offered
  • Allshak.com - free isp they don't seem to offer it anymore.
  • BlueLight - free isp no longer free as of 8-31-01.
  • dotNow! - free internet access no longer offered.

Internet Utilities

  • Anti-virus - virus scanners, tests, help.
  • MR Tech Clock Align - sets the system clock online.
  • ShettySearch - searches on 1 to 10 engines.
  • Speed Test - from McAfee tests download speed.
  • SiteSnagger - copy websites for offline browsing.
  • WebFerret - another program that searches the search engines.


  • CNet - many programs, one of the best.
  • Diet Watch Diary - software to keep track of your diet.
  • Rocket Download - A good soft ware link site.
  • Spy Checker - check that software for spyware.
  • 7-zip - open source zip/unzipping app uncompresses many formats.
  • Stiller Research - Virus hoax database.
  • ZDnet - Another good software link site.

Surfing Stuff

  • Stupid Dance - well what can we say? It's stupid, see for yourself.
  • Free Email Directory - Find email providers and their features.
  • Mail.com - Email with choice of domain names.
  • Hamster Dance - Another fun site with hamsters and music.
  • Phone Line Test - Test your telephone line for 56k support.
  • Upload/Download Utilities

    • Blaze FTP - FTP client.
    • Filezilla - open source FTP client program.
    • WinSCP - secure encrypted FTP client to log in as root.
    • Ace FTP 3 - our favorite FTP client, click on one side auto changes other side.
    • BatchFTP - another FTP for no cost.
    • ESFTP - another no cost FTP client.
    • FTP Surfer
    • Go!zilla - (shareware-nag only)full featured downloads programs
    • LeechFTP - multi-featured freeware FTP client
    • Net Vampire - dl mgr that maximizes speed on poor connections
    • Net Vampire Add-ons - Net Vampire add-on utilities.
    • SmartFTP - no longer freee is now shareware.

    New software is always added so check back often.

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