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Arcade Games Archive

arcade games archivegames archive This archive consists of games that may be no longer playable with a modern browser. Some have been retired for various other reasons. We have created this page to provide a list of these archived games with the reasons we have archived them. You are welcome to try to play them as long as you are aware that they may not work. You can visit our arcade games page to play the working games.
The PCman Website Arcade Games Archive

Java and Shockwave games which are no longer be compatible with modern browsers

  • 100 Meter Dash • An online running race try to get your best time.
  • 3D Maze • Pick square or hex mazes and navigate through.
  • 3D Cluster • A 3D twist on tic-tac-toe.
  • 3D Driver • Drive the car without hitting the obstacles.
  • Absolute Space • Shoot the meteorites to keep them at bay.
  • Airplane Flight Simulation • Realistic 3D flight control the plane with the stick.
  • Alien Abduction • Aliens abduct people and beam them into their mothership.
  • Alien Invasion • Shoot the aliens attacking the city.
  • Ancient Boy • Throw the bone to break the eggs.
  • Baby Dance • Control the movements of the dancing baby.
  • Badaboom • Burst as many balls of the same color in each round as you can.
  • Ball Eliminator Puzzle • Solve each level by removing the balls.
  • Basket Ball • Shoot hoops using your mouse.
  • Blister Ball • Shoot and destroy the attacking bouncing balls.
  • Bloody Hell • Survive long enough to destroy the armies of Hell.
  • Bomb Jack • Bounce and fly around to collect bombs before the cites explode.
  • Bouncing Balls • A useless interesting novelty.
  • Bird Brain • Don't let the birds attack you, use the teleporter.
  • Bridges Game • Connect a line across the board.
  • Canoe Clobber • Catch the fish and avoid the floating obstacles.
  • Car Driving Course • Carefully drive the car around the cones.
  • Cliffie the Postman • Help Cliffie deliver the mail in the Boston area.
  • Clowning Around • Move the unicycle to catch the catapulting clowns.
  • Concentration • Test your memory skills.
  • Defender of the Moon • Protect the moon base from the invading ships.
  • Drive • Avoid obstacles while driving down the road.
  • Duck Hunt • Go on a virtual duck hunt with your dog.
  • Falcon Jet Fighter • Shoot airplanes and tanks with bombs and missiles.
  • Frozen Bubble • Launch and match the colored balls there are excellent graphics.
  • Gopher Bash • like Wack-a-Mole, but on the web.
  • Ice Blox • Protect yourself by pushing ice blocks into approaching flames.
  • Falling Stars • Save the space ship from the colliding stars.
  • Falling Stones • Pile the falling stones in the correct order.
  • HiLo Card Game • Bet, then guess if the next card will be higher or lower.
  • Horse race • Choose your winner off they go.
  • Hunter • Destroy the insect life forms in the mine and collect the power crystals.
  • Iridium Space Fighter • Knock out enemy fighters to save the planet Irue.
  • Lickety Splat • Help the frog catch all the flies.
  • Lifesaver • Don't let the balls roll off the board.
  • Lightz Out • Use your mouse to turn off all the lights.
  • Little Wizard • An RPG where you use spells to rid the land of evil.
  • Mastermind • Play this old favorite on the web.
  • Matches • Try to leave the last match with the computer.
  • Mixed Up Puzzle • A sliding tile puzzle with a new theme.
  • Moon Raider • Shoot the space ships with the lasers.
  • Nibbles • A two player game similar to snake.
  • Rat Maze • Lead the rat through the maze to the cheese.
  • RC Helicopter • A realistic remote control action simulation.
  • Risky Whisky • Smuggle whiskey in the back of a pickup truck on dangerous roads.
  • Rush Hour • Get the red car to the exit, a puzzle written in Java.
  • Sheep Herder • Help the dogs herd the sheep to win.
  • Shooting Gallery • What arcade would be complete without this?
  • Shoot It • Shoot the castle with the cannon to burn it down.
  • Shoot-N-Score • Shoot as many baskets as you can, in f-l-a-s-h
  • Skeet Shoot • Shoot all the targets with your shotgun.
  • Snake Game • Capture the dots without crashing into the walls.
  • Snake Pit • Gobble up the mice and avoid hitting the walls.
  • Solitaire • Klondike Solitaire is the most popular version in Java.
  • Space Flight Simulator • Virtually fly through space to the stars.
  • Spider • Another type of Solitaire.
  • Spirograph • The toy the kids play with to change colors and patterns.
  • Squish The Bugs • Smash the green bugs and avoid the red bugs.
  • Star Base Defender • Protect the base from the planets and asteroids.
  • Star Fighter Fury • Shoot the oncoming ships, there is fast action and cool effects.
  • Street Hockey • Street hockey played against the computer.
  • Sudoku Solver • Instantly get the solutions to your baffling Sudoku puzzles.
  • Tail Gunner • Shoot and destroy the space ships that approach.
  • Torpedo Alley • Sink the ships with your submarine.
  • Tux on the Run • Help the penguin collect the coins and gems.
  • UFO Attack • Shoot the landing space ships with ground-based missiles.
  • Virtual 3D Maze • Navigate the passages and corridors in this maze.
  • Warp • Shoot the targets with your tank.
  • Web War • Fly through the tunnels and shoot the space ships.
  • Word Search 2 Puzzle • Find the words in the puzzles there are many word lists.
  • Zapper Space Ship Shooter • Destroy the attacking space ships.
  • Asteroids • One of the oldest arcade originals.
  • Flash Asteroids • A newer version of this old favorite.
  • BAP Breakout • Another version of the Breakout game.
  • Battle Pong • An aggressive battle version of Pong.
  • Boom Boom Volleyball • Beach volleyball except there are bombs.
  • Breakout • The old paddle, ball and brick rebounder.
  • Breakout 2 • A Java Breakout clone.
  • Caterpillar • Eat the apples and avoid hitting the walls, a Snake clone.
  • Centipede • An oldie but goodie where you will shoot the falling bugs and centipede.
  • Crimson Viper • Protect the city from the attacking spaceships.
  • Dig Dug • A Dig-Dug clone.
  • Donkey Kong • Help Mario save the kidnapped princess.
  • Dragonball Z • A two player anime with fighting action, choose your character!
  • Frogger • Get the frog to safety by avoiding the dangers.
  • Flash Frogger • This version has great graphics and a high score list.
  • Javanoid Breakout • Better than the original game? It has more pieces, etc.
  • Joust • Joust with your enemies on the back of your ostrich to defeat them.
  • Kirby • The main character inhales his attackers and spits them back out.
  • Lunar Lander • Land the space ship carefully without crashing it.
  • Flash Lunar Lander • An updated version with better graphics and playing field.
  • Mario • Help Mario collect the coins and save the princess.
  • Mario 2 • Defeat Kinko and collect coins then save the princess.
  • Mario Starcatcher 2 • Can Mario collect all the stars and advance to each level?
  • Mario Halloween Bash • Dracula is holding Mario captive in Halloween world.
  • Missile Command • Protect your cities from the incoming missiles.
  • Moon Patrol • Jump over the craters while shooting barrels and attacking ships.
  • Pong One Player and Pong Two Player • The original arcade tennis.
  • Pong Vintage Version • An old Java version built using ASCII characters and forms.
  • Qbert • A remake of the original if you like Qbert you will like this.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog • Help Sonic collect the rings for points.
  • Space Invaders • Built with f-l-a-s-h it has good graphics, sound, and a high score list.
  • Space Invaders • A flash version of the old arcade favorite.
  • Space Invaders 2 • A Java version of the old arcade favorite.
  • Tempest 1000 • Shoot the attacking enemies who are climbing up the tunnel walls.
  • Wermz • A Snake clone with obstacles to make it harder.
  • Worms • Eating the dots makes the worm longer, it is similar to Snake and is coded in Java.
  • Zelda • An RPG, help Link on his mission.

Arcade Games

Enjoy the fun. Please visit often.

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