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Update Your Resume

update your resume Update your resume to keep it at its peak potential so you can get a job. Whenever you go for another job or make changes to your employment credentials you need to update your resume so it matches. The documents you use to get a job all need to contain the same information related to your education, your employment and awards, etc.

It is prudent to think of your resume as a work in progress, unless you don't plan on ever getting another job you will need to update your resume on a continual basis. Each little change you make in your career has the potential to have a great effect on your ability to get hired.

We don't know what small aspect will be the game changer to tip the scales in your favor. Something that might seem insignificant to us may be the deciding factor in who gets hired. That small item may have been what the company was looking for in a candidate.

Update Your Resume

  • Current Job
    This one is obvious, but your current job should have been already added. If it wasn't now is the time to do it. Use the most important details and accomplishments from your current job.
  • Awards/Certifications
    Did you get any new awards or certifications? You can add these under the job or school that issued them.
  • Major Accomplishments
    A major event like closing a large deal or getting a promotion are all events that can be added. Every single event doesn't need to be added, but major ones can be.
  • Volunteer Work
    If you volunteer for an organization that maybe something you can use to update your resume. If the volunteer work is related to your industry all the better. You can use this strategy to add relevant content especially if you are a fresher recently out of school or you have changed careers and are new to the industry.
  • Back to School
    If you went back to school to get a degree or you took some courses related to your field you can add this under the Education section or the Additions section.
Although some of these occasions where you can update your resume might seem obvious to some, it may not be to others, which is why we thought we would point them out. If nothing else, this article can serve as a reminder to check over your documents to verify that they are up to date and accurate. You never know when the need to use them may arise.

If you would like to use our free resume creator to write and update your resume we welcome you to do so!
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