useless resume phrases
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Useless Resume Phrases

useless resume phrases Useless resume phrases do nothing but take away from your credibility and professionalism. People write these common phrases on their resumes, we show you what to write instead of useless fluff. It would be a shame to have a great educational background and credentials only to blow it by using the same useless resume phrases that everyone else uses.

You want to set yourself apart from everyone else not be another face in the crowd going unnoticed. When you have the information that can deter you from making this mistake you can then begin to present yourself in the best way possible. Proceed to discover what is written so often by every other job seeker that it begins to become a turnoff to recruiters. So take charge and re-examine your resume to see if you have anything discussed here on your pages.

Useless Resume Phrases

After you proofread and scour your pages, if you locate one of these useless phrases, you can replace it with the examples listed here.
  • Team Player
    Being a team player doesn't really say anything other than you can work with others. Well shouldn't that go without saying? Unless someone has other issues most people can work with others even if they have to fake it and act like they like to work in groups.

    Try this: Instead of telling the employer that you have a skill that is as common as breathing tell them how you benefited the team. The contribution you made that really made a difference.
  • Self Starter
    This one doesn't say much either, how can you hold a job if you are not able to get your work done without your supervisor looking over your shoulder?

    Try this: Again, write about the accomplishments you made and your contributions that benefited the company.
  • Reliable
    If you aren't a person who will get to work on time, call out only when you are sick or when there is an emergency or who doesn't plan on doing a good job, then maybe you shouldn't apply for the job in the first place.

    Try this: When working for someone being reliable goes without saying, write about how you completed a project early or below budget or something that exceeded expectations.
  • Hardworking
    The employer expects you to do a good job and work hard so saying doesn't provide any benefit when it is a "given."

    Try this: It would be better to mention how you went above and beyond by citing examples of instances where you have done this.
  • Responsible For
    Try this: List examples of things for which you were responsible without using the words "responsible for."
  • Highly Qualified
    If you aren't highly qualified you aren't going to get hired anyway. Writing that you are highly qualified doesn't make it so. If you are applying for the job it is expected that you are highly qualified.

    Try this: Write about how you are highly qualified by providing information about your education and training as it relates to this specific job.
You have probably written some of these useless resume phrases without realizing that they really don't add any value to your credentials. So when you learn about these phrases you are better equipped to write useful info that adds value to your resume instead of taking away from it.

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