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resume spelling mistakes
resume spelling

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spelling mistakes resume

Resume Spelling Mistakes

resume spelling mistakes Resume spelling mistakes can blow your chances of getting hired for that great job. Being such a simple thing to spot these errors can display a level of carelessness that you don't want to show. Finding and correcting problems such as these are some of the basic errors that should never be seen by an employer. By the time the employer sees your resume, all that you can do should have been done to deliver the best document that you can.

To put our best foot forward and do our best is all we can ever ask of ourselves. This effort is what an employer expects and deserves, if they can't get it from you, they will get it from someone else. This isn't the goal so we hope the information in the article will help you present a better resume.

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resume spelling
Resume Spelling Mistakes

Resume Spelling Mistakes

Go through your resume line by line and carefully check to see if you have made any resume spelling mistakes. It's OK if you did it is just a matter of correcting them. This care is especially important if the job involves detail-oriented work.
  1. Spell Check Limitations
    Although spell checkers will find many words, there are instances where the word is spelled correctly, but the wrong form is used, so it is a proper word, just not the proper form for your sentence. Like in the example "there and their," they are both correct. However, one is a location as an adverb, and the other refers to a person as a pronoun. When you are reading through each line, verify that the words you find are the correct ones going beyond how they are spelled. Now you are getting into the usage of proper grammar which is covered in another article.
  2. Ask Other People
    When you are satisfied with the job, you have done checking your words, ask other people that you know, preferably those who are good at writing. With other sets of eyes viewing your page, there is a greater chance a problem will be found.
  3. Typos
    Aside from mistakes made due to ignorance many times others are the result of typos that weren't noticed while you were brainstorming to write out your career info. It's the same procedure, spell check, and help from others. Either way, an error is an error. It doesn't really matter what caused it.
  4. It's Too Late
    If you already sent in your resume and afterward you noticed you had a spelling error, you may feel upset and worried that you blew your chances. This one is all dependent upon the personal opinion of the hiring manager and the job for which you sent it. If it was a job not related to writing and publishing, the error might be of less importance.

    If it is a detail-oriented type of position where details matter or you are a journalist, then it may carry more weight. Again, this is my opinion as each person has their point of view and list of things they find important.
  5. Job Words
    Attempt to correctly spell words related to the job and your industry if you don't have a great familiarity with the words the employer could take that as a sign that you are not well versed in your field.
Correcting resume spelling mistakes is something you can do if you use care and take your time while searching for any other screw-ups. Our Free Resume Creator program has spell checking built-in although I would still check it manually since you can't rely solely on a program when it comes to something as important as your career.

New career resources are always added so check back often.

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