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Free Business Card Creator FAQ

Free Business Card Creator FAQ help and support for our free business card creator answers common questions with simple solutions and tips to help you make better business cards for free online. Many people email us and ask us the same questions over and over so we have opted to provide help and support online here. Here are simple answers to your questions and helpful tips to help you create a better business card.

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The PCman's Business Card Creator FAQ

Free Business Card Creator Help and Support

  1. Why don't the cards come out the right size on the preview page?
    1. Make sure that during Preview the card outline is not longer or taller than the white guide bars. Also, make sure the white bars are not pushed apart in the corner where they meet as shown on our card sizing example.
    2. Don't use too many characters in the lines provided on the cards, a good starting point is 40 characters. Different styles may be able to handle more or fewer characters depending upon the style layout.
    3. Don't allow the text to wrap to the next line as this can distort the size of the cards. If it does wrap remove characters until it doesn't.
    4. When using your own logo image make sure it is no larger than 50X50 pixels or it could distort the size of the cards, the background size won't affect the size but may get cut off.
    5. Choose a smaller text size by using a smaller number from the Size select boxes.
    6. Choose another font, some fonts are more compact than others, such as Arial.
    7. Try removing a line if it is too tall.
    8. If you have made your text bold you can try unchecking the bold box, bold letters are larger than normal weight letters.
  2. Why do the cards run off the page after printing?
    1. If the cards run off the page after printing, go to File then Page Setup on your browser and set the margins to 1/2 inch then it should work. View our Card Printing Tips page for a pictorial explanation.
    2. Also, be sure you don't have the Top Margin on the Finish page set incorrectly pushing the cards down too much.
  3. Why don't my card backgrounds print?
    1. If your browser is not set correctly the background images of the cards will NOT be printed.

      To correctly set Internet Explorer:
      1. Go to Tools > Internet Options...
      2. Select the Advanced tab > scroll down to Printing
      3. Check the Print background colors and images box
      4. Click Apply then OK

      To correctly set Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Safari:
      1. Go to File > Page Setup
      2. Select the Format & Options tab > check the Print Background box.
  4. Why can't I use my image in the Business Card Listing?
    1. If you used your own images print and save your cards first before you post your card to our listing. Your own images are not allowed on our free business card listing page as we cannot ensure how appropriate they are or how long they will be live on the web giving red x's instead of images. Please go back to the logo and/or backgrounds pages and use images from our gallery.
  5. How do I correct errors or make changes in my images or information?
    1. Check you card for typographical and grammatical errors, if you are not satisfied with the copy or images selected press the appropriate button on the Preview page corresponding to the section that needs to be changed. For example, if you want to try another card style press the "My Style >>" button.
  6. How do I print the back side?
    1. Print the front side first then on the Preview page press the "Print Back" button, you will be taken to the print page.
    2. Take the paper out of the printer and turn it over to print the back side. Each person has a different computer / printer configuration so you may need to make a test print to determine the correct direction to load the paper into your printer. Also, check to ensure the front lines up with the back you can change the height of the cards using the Top Margin setting.
  7. How much does it cost, how many cards can I make?
    1. There is no cost and you can make as many cards as you like whenever you like The PCman Website print shop is open 24/7.

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New features are always added so check back often.

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