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The PCman's Free Redirect Page Creator

Free Redirect Page Creator Free Redirect Page Creator, simple to use, choose colors, fonts, background, logo more. Download as a completed file ready to upload. Choose your Site Title and URL to which to redirect the visitor. Choose page and font color choices, font styles and the duration to wait until the redirection occurs. After you create your page you can Preview it to make any necessary changes then download it as a finished, completed file ready to be uploaded to your server. Redirection Code Generator, simple to use, make then download the file. maker Go here for a server side .htaccess redirection generator. Otherwise, welcome to The PCman's Free Redirect Page Creator Code Generator.

Step 1 - Basic Information

Site Title
Redirect URL
Image or Logo
Font Family Help
Webmaster Name
Webmaster Email
How many seconds until redirection occurs?

Step 2 - Basic Colors

Background Title Text
Body Text Link Text
Bg Image

Pick link, text and title colors that are different than the background so you can read it. If you are satisfied with your choices click the button to preview the page. If you want to change something you can return and change it.


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