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Free Page Redirection Generator for .htaccess

unix server page redirection Free Page Redirection Generator use .htaccess on Unix or Linux servers, easily create the files needed with our online generator, redirect pages on the server side using an .htaccess file. Specify which URLs are to be redirected and to where they are redirected. Use spaces below for as many pages as you need to redirect leave the others blank. After you enter your information below push "Generate" and your code will be created on the next pages. There you can download the completed .htaccess file or copy the code into Windows Notepad or other ASCII text editor, to paste it into an existing .htaccess file. There are more detailed instructions on the next page of the free page redirection generator. Your Unix or Linux server must support .htaccess. Online Code creator maker. If your site doesn't have .htaccess (usually free sites) see this creator.
Free Page Redirection Generator for .htaccess Online

Enter your information as Required

Read This Whole Section it is Important!
After this is installed you can delete the old pages with no problems or errors.
Put the old page in the "From" space and put the new page in the "To" space.

The URL is the web address for example:

The domain is for example:

DO NOT put the domain in the URL of the "From" page enter as below.
Put the "From" URL like these examples:
example1.htm for
folder/example1.htm for
As you see you leave off the

If you put it as it won't work! Don't use the forward slash that comes after the domain name.

The "To" URL uses the full URL with the domain address included even if the page is on the same server. It can also be a page on another site.

Enter URLs Here
From 1
To 1
From 2
To 2
From 3
To 3
From 4
To 4
From 5
To 5
From 6
To 6
From 7
To 7
From 8
To 8
Your Name
Your Email


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