resume mistakes that will turn off recruiters
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Resume Mistakes That Will Turn Off Recruiters

resume mistakes that will turn off recruiters Having an impressive and attention-grabbing resume can open doors and create opportunities for you in the midst of a job search. However, certain mistakes are made that can drastically reduce your chances of receiving a job position.

Some of the most common errors can be easily corrected. However, before you can make those corrections, you must learn to identify them. Fixing needless mistakes on a resume takes time and requires a trained eye so prevention of the errors is really the best measure to take in this case.

You don't want your resume to hold you back. You want it to advance your career and make you appear to be the best. So take note of these common mistakes and avoid them.

Eight Resume Mistakes That Will Turn Off Recruiters

Removing and avoiding all the mistakes in the following list should have positive effects on your resume. Although it doesn't necessarily mean that by following these suggestions, you will automatically get a job position. These mistakes are revealed to you as a form of help during your resume writing process.
  1. Typos and Grammatical Errors
    Having any type of grammatical error or blatant typo in any part of your resume, or portfolio in general will automatically discredit you as a potential candidate. This is one of the worst mistakes that you can make on a resume because it demonstrates to the recruiter that you don't care enough to look over your papers to be sure that they are error-free.

    If you struggle with grammar, or forget a few of the rules have a friend or colleague look over your work to ensure its perfection.
  2. Not Customizing your Documents
    When you send in a resume you can't expect to have minimal targeting or keyword optimization. Each resume that you send in during the job application process should be specifically customized to fit each individual company.
  3. No Flare?
    Your resume shouldn't be the same as every other applicant. Add some flare and individuality that specifically relates to you. That way when the recruiter breezes through your document they will at least have something by which to remember you.
  4. Objective Statement
    Having an objective statement on a resume is old news, unless the company specifically requests it. Most of the time, the company doesn't care what you would like to get from the job, they are only concerned with what you can bring to them to increase profits.
  5. Length Issues
    If your resume is shorter of longer than it is supposed to be, then it can stick out negatively and make you look bad. It should be about a page in length, equally spaced and not too cluttered.
  6. Incomplete Information
    Make sure that all of the information that you include is complete and up to date. Supplying incomplete or irrelevant data will make you look like you have something you are trying to hide or that you didn't care enough to get the proper information for the application.
  7. Disregarding Guidelines
    When you apply for a job, you need to make sure that your documents are all following the proper guidelines and procedures set out by the company. You are revealing to them that you are not complying with their wishes by disregarding the company's format. The last thing that you want to do during a job interview process is display that message to a recruiter.
  8. Too Much Personal Information
    When you include information on your resume, it is important to be honest and include everything that they may need to get to know you on a professional level. That does not mean that it would be appropriate to include personal information such as hobbies. This document is not your Facebook profile, so keep things professional.
These eight resume mistakes that will turn off recruiters can now be averted and kept out of your portfolio. It's difficult enough to find a job and get hired, and we don't need to do anything to add to that difficulty. We have provided you with tools in our job and career help section that you can use to improve your writing.
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