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Free Colored Forms Creator Style Sheets

colored forms creator style sheet Free Colored Forms Creator Style Sheets to get those eye catching form fields, create your own in minutes. Select from many different types of form elements, fiil in your choices for colors, fonts, sizes and more. Create your very own code for colorful buttons and other input fields. Simple to generate with helpful tips and instructions along the way. Select your form element you wish to use then fill in the desired properties. Fill in your values (optional), then click the button to get your code and instructions for use on the next page. Colored Forms Creator Generator and Field Maker.

Form Properties

Generate a form tag?  
Action URL
Open into a new window?
Form Element Name
The name of the element tag.
Like this: <input type="text" name="yourname">

Form Element Type

Select a form element to create.

Style Properties

Background Color
Select from our color chart. Include the # sign.
Border Color
Color Chart. Leave blank for no border.
Border Size
Enter a size. A number - 1, 2, 3, 4, ...
Border Style
Some selections need a wider border.
Text Color
Select from our color chart. Include the # sign.
Font Family
Select from our common font family styles.
Text Size
Italic Text?  
Bold Text?
A number in pixels 25px, 30px.
A number in pixels 100px, 250px.

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