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The PCman's Business Card Web Page Creator

Creating your own free online Business Card Web Page is fast and easy with four simple steps. Once completed, your card will have its very own permanent URL that you can add to your email signature, give out to clients or post on websites and guestbooks! The usefulness of this on-line Business Card Web Page will prove its worth, time and time again! It's fun to create. Are you looking for our Website Page Creator?
  • Step 1
    From the three samples, choose the card you would like to create. Once you have decided, click the Style link beneath it.
  • Step 2
    Having chosen the style, the next page will ask you to fill in the necessary information. Some fields are mandatory to create the card, these are marked with a red asterisk (*).
  • Step 3
    After you have filled in the information that you want on your on-line Virtual Business Card, click the preview button to see what your card will look like.
  • Step 4
    If you are happy with the look of your card, press the Post button beneath the preview to create your page. If you are not happy with the look of the card, click the back button on your browser either once or twice to repeat the above necessary steps.

That's all there is to it. If at any time you want to have your online Virtual Business Card deleted, contact us with your Virtual Business Card URL and your email address and we will remove it for you. Free advertising services. Business Card Web Page Hosting List. The PCman.

Here are some samples...

The real cards will be full screen with your color choices. Select the card you want to create above each sample.
Sample 1
virtual business card 1
Sample 2
virtual business card 2
Sample 3
virtual business card 3
This service has been discontinued. It has been replaced by two newer programs. If you would like to make and print business cards try our Business Card Creator. Or, if you want to make a web page try our Web Page Creator. Thank you for your support!

Style Choices

Create your free Business Card Web Page with The PCman's free fast and easy services. This step is the second of four steps. The example of Style 1 is shwn later on this page. There are four things you must do on this page to create your card.
  1. Choose the background for your image.
  2. Choose your font type, it governs how the text characters look.
  3. Choose your font color, please use different colors for text and background.
  4. Finally, fill in the details that will appear on your Business Card Page.

Step 1 - Select a Background

Step 2 - Select a Font

Step 3 - Select a Font Color

Or enter your own hex code starting with the pound # symbol:
Hex Code

Step 4 - Enter Your Text

Enter the requested information, necessary fields are denoted with a red asterisk (*). If you're not sure of exactly what text we are referring to, the numbered text boxes in this section correspond to the numbered fields in the example. There is a 50 character maximum on each field except for the URL, which has a character 100 maximum.

The User ID is how the system will identify your Business Card Page. It will be part of the URL of the card. Please use no punctuation marks! As an example for the USER ID "somename" it would be:

The system will use the information provided to create the web page.

*Your Name
*Company Name
*Phone Number
*Email Address
Website URL
Company Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City, State Zip

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