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The PCman's Free Password Protection Generator

free password protection Free Password Protection Generator to keep those files safe and secure, easily create .htaccesss and .htpasswd files. If you want to password protect a directory use our free .htaccess and .htpasswd creator script. The files created are designed to work on a Linux/Unix server with htaccess privileges. Enter the required information and click the button to make your own custom files. The server path is NOT a URL, like https://www..., it is the directory path on the hard drive of your server. Ask your web host if you don't know what it is. Instructions for use are on the next page. It's easy to create and protect a directory with .htaccess and .htpasswd files safe and secure.

Login Name
Use up to 13 characters.
Full File Path
The server path to the password file not URL. For example: /usr/home/your/path/.htpasswd
Login Box Title
The title of the password box, for example: Members Only

Disclaimer: This script was written to be useful it has no warranties or guarantees, use the files that are generated at your own risk. If you do not agree with this policy do not use this generator.


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