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Myspace Special Characters Codes

Myspace Special Characters Codes add cool symbols to your profile without uploading and using pictures, this cuts down on page loading times. Use our simple to add myspace special characters codes. Our myspace special characters codes will show you how to customize your profile. We show you special characters codes that you can simply paste into your profile sections. These special characters are nice to use in the place of an image when you need something small and simple to pimp your page.

How to use Special Characters Codes

  1. Copy the desired special character code and paste into your profile.
  2. To easily change many aspects (color, size, etc.) of the special characters please view our Text Codes page.
  3. The special characters are to be treated and used the same as text.

Special Characters Codes

SymbolDescriptionSpecial Code
left arrow←
up arrow↑
right arrow→
down arrow↓
double dagger‡
black spade suit♠
black club suit♣
black heart suit♥
black diamond suit♦
left single quote‘
right single quote’
single low9 quote‚
left double quote“
right double quote”
double low9 quote„
per mill sign‰
single left pointing angle‹
single right pointing angle›
trademark sign™
"double quotation mark"
«left angle quote«
»right angle quote»
¤general currency¤
®registered trademark®
£british pound£
ØO slash upperØ
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