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Myspace Image Codes For Your Profile

Myspace Image Codes For Your Profile to add special effects to your images, using our image codes you can customize the effects for your images and combine effects to make your profile stand out. Using simple instructions we explain how to change the images using myspace image codes to customize your profile. We provide image codes that you can simply paste into your profile sections or use with your existing images.

How to use Myspace Image Codes

This is the basic code for an image. The ADDRESS is where you enter the location of the image on the web, for example: https://www.someplace.com/image.gif

Where it shows the # sign you would enter a number. The height and width would be the size of the image in pixels.

The place where it says EFFECTS is where you copy the codes and paste them into the basic code here. Then copy the complete code into you profile were you want the image to show up. Or you can paste them into existing image codes already in your profile. feel free to add several effects codes to the basic code for even more possibilities.

If you mess up the code click the reset button.

Myspace Image Codes

There are many special effects that you can apply to images, you can also combine them to create cool looking images. The effects marked with * work in Internet Explorer only.

Border (Any Color)*   Color Codes Enter the color code where it says COLOR.

Pop Up Text   Pops up on mouse over, enter some text where it says TEXT.

Alpha (Transparency)*




Flip Horizontal*

Flip Vertical*



Invert Colors*

Motion Blur*



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