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Myspace Hover Codes Pimp Your Profile

Myspace Hover Codes For Your Profile add special rollover effects to your text and image links in any profile section. With these myspace hover codes you links will never look cooler. We give you the myspace hover codes and show you how to use them the make cool looking links for your text and images. We provide hover codes that you can simply paste into your profile sections to use with your new or existing links. You can use myspace hover codes to create new cool hover effects for your profile.

How to Use Hover Effects

Enter a color code where it says COLOR.
Some myspace hover codes are for text and some are for images. Be sure to copy the correct one to suit your application.
Copy the code and paste it into your About Me box.

Myspace Hover Codes

The effect occurs when you hover with your mouse over links in your profile.
The examples are inactive on this page, the codes will work correctly on yours.
There are many special effects that you can use, the effects marked with * work in Internet Explorer only.

Color Rollover for Text   Color Codes Enter different color codes.

Border for Text   Color Codes

Border for Images   Color Codes

Highlight for Text   Color Codes

Alpha (Transparency) for Text*

Alpha (Transparency) for Images*

Blur for Text Blur for Text*

Blur for Images Blur for Images*

Bold for Text

Bold and Italic For Text

Drop Shadow for Text*

Drop Shadow for Images*

Glow For Text*

Glow For Images*

Italic For Text

Lowercase For Text

Uppercase For Text

Motion Blur For Text*

Motion Blur For Images*

Overline For Text

Overline and Underline For Text

Overline, Strike Through and Underline For Text

Overline and Underline with Highlighting For Text   Color Codes

Sizing For Text Enter a NUMBER to make the hover larger or smaller. 8 to 100, keep the px.

Strike Through For Text

Underline For Text

Wave For Text*

Wave For Images*

Emboss For Images*

Engrave For Images*

Flip Horizontal For Text* Flip Horizontal For Text

Flip Horizontal For Images* Flip Horizontal For Images

Flip Vertical For Text* Flip Vertical For Text

Flip Vertical For Images* Flip Vertical For Images

Grayscale For Images*

Invert Colors For Images* Invert Colors For Images

Xray For Images* Xray For Images

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