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Myspace Border Codes For Your Profile

Myspace Border Codes For Your Profile to change the look your page, you can completely customize the borders around the page and each section of your myspace profile very simply using the codes. We explain in simple language how to change the border code to customize your profile. We show you border examples and provide border codes that you can simply paste into your profile sections.
When creating borders for your profile you can choose from nine available border styles. You can use any color for those borders, we have popular myspace color codes that you can use along with any of these border codes. To provide you with a fair comparison between the various border styles the examples all use the color #999999 and a border size of 6 pixels.

How to use Border Codes

To make your profile totally customized so you can create whatever you want we didn't want to lock you into our pre-made codes like other sites do. It is so simple to plug in your own choices once we tell you what each of the 3 choices does.
There is COLOR, SIZE and STYLE.
  1. Choose if you want to add a border around the edge of the page, around each profile section or both. The code for each is provided. Each code is labeled, use both if you want page edge and profile sections bordered. The page edge and profile sections can be set differently.
  2. Choose the color you want to use for the border. [colors]
  3. Choose the thickness of the border, use a number from 1 to 100, a higher number will give thicker borders. Keep the px after the size number.
  4. Choose the style of your border from the list.

Profile Border Styles










Profile Border Codes

Plug in your choices then paste it into your About Me section.
Don't remove or replace anything other than the 3 choices.
If you make a mistake click the Reset button.

Example: <style type="text/css">body {border:   999999   6px   dashed   }</style>

Page Edge:

Profile Sections:

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