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how to talk about money with your spouse
how to talk about money

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talk about money with your spouse money

How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse

how to talk about money with your spouse How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse so you both can join together financially with the same goals to build up your savings and eliminate your debt. Communication is key in every relationship, but discussing finances can be a touchy subject. It's true, when asked most people would agree that they are not on the same page with their spouse when discussing the topic of finances. But whether you are big spenders or want to rub two pennies together until they bleed, there are ways to talk to your spouse about these topics in order to have a healthier and smoother relationship.

Why waste your time getting into useless fights with your husband or wife when you can learn how to have a meaningful conversation with them to try to be on the same page and be happier. For some reason talking about money sets everyone on edge and makes for an uncomfortable topic of conversation. Any tips presented here should be run past your financial advisor to verify that they are conducive to your financial well being.

But regardless of how uncomfortable it may make you, talking about money is an unavoidable part of a relationship that will have to be addressed at some point. Having this conversation successfully goes beyond not wanting to go bankrupt. If you want to stay together successfully, you should be able to work through this.

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how to talk about money with your spouse
How to Talk About Money With Your Spouse

Talking to Your Spouse about Money

Every couple is different, and varying circumstances may be present, but it is important to understand the types of things that you can do to attempt to improve not only your relationship, but your financial situation. You may actually come away from this stronger than when you began.
  • Set Goals
    While it is incredibly important to maintain your own personal goals that you may or may not have had for many years, you need to find a way to incorporate your spouse's goals into yours in order to have common ideas of what you would like to do with your money.

    It is a good idea to sit down with your husband or wife and go through all of your bills, assets, and investments to see where you are at financially before you can make informed decisions about setting goals. Make it a sort of date night. Have a nice meal or some coffee together and work things out.

    Remember that you may have to compromise over some goals because what he wants may not be exactly the same as what she wants. Begin by setting funds aside for absolute essentials like an emergency fund or college tuition. After that you can start to plan for more flexible goals.
  • Come to Terms with Differences
    To be successful delegating and investing your money with another person you have to first realize that they are different from you. They have different goals, backgrounds, and individual assets. You need to realize that just because your spouse thinks something about one thing and you think a bit differently, that doesn't make them wrong, it just opens up for compromise.
  • Use Cash Allowance
    It may seem childish, but sometimes sticking to an all cash budget for a sort of allowance can really do wonders for your financial relationship. After you have set aside funds for bills and agreed upon investments, on a monthly basis take some of the cash that remains and give it to each of you to spend on delegated things.

    Cash is more difficult to part with than swiping some plastic, so you are less likely to overspend when it comes to using cash. Also you will know exactly how much you are spending and how much you have left. If you begin to cut back on the overspending and take some of the mystery out of exactly how much money you are dropping on things, you will be more comfortable discussing purchases with a spouse.
  • What's Yours Is Mine
    When it comes to finances and marriage, it is typical that each person's assets are owned dually by husband and wife. That means that when it comes to spending, for certain things, you should give your spouse a little bit of wiggle room.

    However know how much to offer, because obviously if they are spending more than you earn that can be dangerous. It is all about budgeting and responsibility, but when these things are done correctly, you may be able to give each other some funds to spend on things, judgment free.
Talking to your spouse about money can be a tense situation depending on the household, but with some of these techniques and tips, you may be able to properly communicate and have a healthier and more financially sound relationship.

New tips are always added so check back often.

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