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Free Meta Tags Generator

Meta Tags Generator Script Free Meta Tags Generator instantly create meta tags for your website with many options available including search engine controls, page transitions and a meta tag for cache control. Meta Tags can be optional, they don't add any visual content to the page(except for page transitions) but it can help your page get better ranking in the search engines. In the early days some search engines wouldn't list your page at all without them. Fill in the spaces then click the Generate button to get the free Meta Tag code and instructions for its use. You don't have to use all of the options use only what you wish. download software

Standard Meta Tag Entries

Site Title
Use 60 characters or less for best results.
Author's Name

Enter a brief description of your page.
Use 150 characters or less for best results

Enter some keywords relevant to your pages content.
Put commas between words, use 300-500 characters for best results.

Search Engine Control Tags

How do you want the page to be indexed by search engines? Click one.

Internet Explorer Page Transitions

These are special effects used in Internet Explorer.
Use Page Transitions?    
Effect When?
Effect Duration
Transition Effect

Page Cache Control Tags

Cache Control tells the browser if it should store a copy the page. This is useful for pages that have new information on them every time someone revisits the page.

Do you want Cache Control?    
For the best Cache Control we use these 3 tags:
Expires Tag - Pragma Tag - Cache Control


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