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warthog launch flash gamewarthog launch flash game
warthog launch flash game

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warthog launch flash game free warthog launch flash game

Warthog Launch Flash Game

Warthog Launch Flash Game uses hand grenades strategically placed under the warthogs to explode and launch the vehicle up into the air to crash into and take out the floating targets in one operation. To win warthog launch flash game move the sliders to change the number of hand grenades and the placement under the warthogs to change the launch angle. To play flash warthog launch flash game online use your mouse to move the sliders located under the playing field to move the warthog, add or remove hand grenades to vary the launch power and change the placement of the hand grenades under the warthogs to vary the launch angle. You will want to take out all of the floating targets in one launch operation. You will find it is necessary to bounce the warthog off the walls to complete each level. If you don't complete the level press the revert button for a do over. The flash warthog launch flash game is an addicting strategy game. Enjoy playing free warthog launch flash game online at The PCman's free flash games arcade!

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warthog launch flash game
The PCman's Online Arcade Warthog Launch Flash Game
Sorry, you will need the <a href="https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/">Flash Player</a> to play Free Warthog Launch Flash Game.
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Play free warthog launch flash game in our online arcade.

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