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Jaman Pacman

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Jaman Pacman Jaman Pacman

The PCman's Arcade Jaman Pacman

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The PCman's Arcade Jaman Pacman

How to play

Use a mouse to select a map, the number of Jaman and a new game, to pause, hide the game and turn on/off sound. Use the keyboard's left, right, up, down keys to control Jaman.

You should run Jaman away from devils for his life. In a normal case, devils cannot turn back unless they go to a dead end path or when Jaman is eating a magic orange. When eating a gold nut, Jaman slows down. Devils slow down on any turn or run in some slow path. After eating a magic orange, Jaman can beat any devils whose color is changed. Every time Jaman eats devils, the score he gets will increase exponentially (200, 400, 800, 1600 points). Try to eat all devils each time. You will have one more Jaman every 10000 points.

Tip 1: The new selection of a new map and/or the number of Jaman will affect the next new game.

Tip 2: The "Hide" button is one of the most useful functions. You can hide your game and continue after that. Remember to use it in many sensitive cases, for example, when your boss is coming.

Tip 3: When running away from devils, make as many turns as possible. Devils will be left behind quickly.

Tip 4: Never give up easily. You may survive in the last seconds.

Tip 5: Do not run in a simple way. Sometimes, stop and wait are good solutions. You can "cheat" devils by running to a path and when the undesired devil run pass a crossroad, come back and go to another path. That devil has to make a long turn to follow you again.

Free to play all day, free twenty-four seven, free three hundred and sixty-five!

New fun, free games are always added so check back often.

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