how to present yourself in an interview
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How to Present Yourself in an Interview

how to present yourself in an interview How to present yourself in an interview so that when you walk in to meet the employer you can be prepared both physically and mentally. Give yourself the best chance of getting hired. Presentation is everything, so naturally, learning how to present yourself is an incredibly important skill to acquire. First impressions can make-or-break your success during a job interview, and not introducing yourself and carrying yourself correctly throughout the meeting will greatly reduce your chances of success.

Some hiring managers claim that their decision about whether or not they would like to hire a candidate is mostly based on the appearance of the candidate, how they present themselves, and then their qualifications. If you have proper credentials and are perfectly qualified for the job in which you are applying, you don't want anything unnecessary holding you back.

How to Present Yourself in an Interview

  • Presentation During an Interview
    The help that we provide is purely suggestions to assist you in the process of being interviewed. Some common mistakes are often made that can hold individuals back from getting a position, those mistakes are outlined below, and possible solutions are offered. However, there is no magic formula created that automatically ensures success, most of that depends on the individual.
  • Prepare Your Physical Appearance
    Showing up to your interview, unprepared will begin to be very apparent if you start on the wrong foot with the improper dress or bad overall appearance. Luckily, there is an easy fix to this potential problem.

    When you are preparing for an interview, you will want to make sure that your personal hygiene is up to par with the standards of a professional work environment. Wash and style your hair so that it is neat and clean. You should have a neutral odor, no heavy cologne or perfume, but no body odor either. Finally, you are going to want to make sure that your clothing is professional attire and is free of rips, tears, stains, and wrinkles.

    After you have the correct physical appearance, you have jumped the first hurdle when it comes to making a great first impression.
  • At Reception
    When you first enter the site in which the interview is held, you are going to be met with a receptionist or front desk of some kind. There are certain things that you should do to stay in the moment to correctly present yourself to the company.

    First, approach the receptionist with proper posture and pleasant facial expression; you should be happy to be there. Then, you have the option of saying a few key phrases to make yourself known professionally:

    • 1. "Hello, my name is Jane Doe and I have an interview with Bob Smith at 1:00."
    • 2. "Good Afternoon, I am Jane Doe and I have an appointment scheduled at 1:00 with Bob Smith."
    Whichever way you decide to phrase it is up to you, but the important thing is that you stick to something along the lines the previous examples. Next, you will be directed into the interview room and the hiring manager will then enter.

    While you are waiting for the manager, sit quietly. Do not touch anything in the office or make any noises even if they are said quietly to yourself. You should always appear confident.
  • During the Interview
    At the time of the interview, the hiring manager will walk in. You should stand to greet him or her unless they immediately take a seat or are already seated. Start your greeting with a firm handshake. It is customary to begin any business relationship this way.

    An insider tip to avoid sweaty palms, especially if you are nervous, is to visit a restroom before the meeting. Wash your hands in lukewarm or cold water and then dry them. If you can't reach a bathroom, carry a tissue in your pocket and wipe your hands before the manager enters the room.

    Here are two standard greetings that you may begin with when the manager approaches:

    • 1. "Hello it is very nice to meet you, I am Jane Doe."
    • 2. "I am Jane Doe, it's a pleasure to meet you!"
    Keep the meeting short and to the point. When you answer the questions in a concise manner that impresses the interviewer and gives them confidence toward your abilities.
When you are interviewed, presenting yourself correctly to all individuals that you encounter is incredibly important and is a skill that you should absolutely perfect. The tips and tricks that you have learned here can be used to get the job potentially. And don't forget to send them a thank you letter within 24 hours after the meeting. You can easily write one using our Thank-you Letter Creator.
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