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The PCman's Free Hot Linking Stopper

Free Hot Linking Stopper Free Hot Linking Stopper Code Generator, to keep people from linking to your files and stealing your bandwidth. Hot linking is the process whereby someone from another site links to images or files on your site. The reason for this is so they don't have to host the file at their site and use their monthly web traffic allowance. The more traffic, page views and image views the more monthly traffic allowance you need, meaning higher bandwidth costs to you! This system uses mod_rewrite and .htaccess.

On Unix/Linux servers we can stop bandwidth theft from occurring by using an .htaccess file to specify which URL's are allowed to use the files. After you enter your information below push "Generate" and your code will be created on the next page. There you can download the completed .htaccess file or copy the code into Windows Notepad or other Ascii text editor, to paste it into an existing .htaccess file. There are more detailed instructions on the generator's next page. Code creator maker software.

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The PCman's Free Hot Linking Stopper Code Generator

After you setup your server test it here using our hotlinking prevention test.
Enter your information below, use the spaces you need leave the others blank.

Permitted URL 1:
Permitted URL 2:
Permitted URL 3:
Permitted URL 4:
Permitted URL 5:
Permitted URL 6:
Permitted URL 7:
Permitted URL 8:
Permitted URL 9:
Permitted URL 10:
Redirect URL:

The Redirect URL is the file they are sent to when they try to view your hot linked files. If you are blocking an image create a substitute image and redirect to that. You can make the image say stolen image or something like that. For a flash file make a substitute flash file to redirect to. Follow in this fashion for your file type. If you just want them to get a forbidden error leave it blank. If you are blocking multiple unrelated file types you should probably just let them get the forbidden error.

Restricted File types: (Common extensions, check as many as you like.)

Others: (Enter your own file extensions here without the dot in front.)


Disclaimer: This software has no warranty of any kind, if your site gets blocked or otherwise impeded from the use of this script that is your responsibility! Use this service at your own risk, every effort has been made for it to be trouble free but it can be improperly used so proceed with caution. If you do not agree with, or you are not comfortable with this policy do not use this generator!

This Hot Linking Stopper script is Powered by The PCman Website Scripts

New features are always added so check back often.

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