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The PCman's Free FormMail Form Generator

free online formmail form generator Free FormMail.pl Form Generator easily create your own email and order forms online with simple directions and examples. Copy the source code or download the completed page, choose colors, fields, more. Use with Matt Wright's FormMail.pl or FormMail. These free scripts are very common, simple to install (they come with directions) and easy to use, download them using the links provided. Many servers already have these scripts installed and all that you need are the forms to run them. Simple online email and order creator, download the source code or complete page.

Basic Info

Your Name
Your Email
Where messages will be sent.
Address of the FormMail.pl or .php script. Where you will upload the file.

Form Page and Result Page Setup

This is for where the user will be sent to after they send their message. You can make your own Thank You page or use the default Thank You page built-into the FormMail.pl script. Use either the Redirect URL or the Result Page Variables not both, if you want to use the built-in page leave the Redirect URL space blank. If you are using your own page leave the colors, etc., section blank.

Redirect URL

Where the user is sent after they send the message.
If you are using the page built-in to the script specify the colors, etc., here.
Background Image Backgrounds
Background Color Color Choices
Link Color Color Choices
Text Color Color Choices
Results Page Title Name it something.
Return Link URL Your homepage?
Return Link Title Homepage?
Fontface Font Family styles
Font Size Select size.

Form Page Field Choices

Message Subject:

Drop down list box choices. The user will select one of these choices for their message. Enter the choices you want users to pick from, select the box to the left if you want to use a drop down box (select box). Otherwise to preset the subject, don't select the box to the left and enter subject name in Option 1 space to have it hard coded onto the form page, leave spaces 2-10 blank.
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Option 7
Option 8
Option 9
Option 10
Do you want "Would you like a reply?" buttons like these?
Would you like a reply?     (check one)

Your Fields to Name:
They will be on the page in this order. Here you can choose what fields to use and what to name those fields. Use as many as you like leave unused spaces blank. Select on each type to choose if you want it to be a checkbox, text box, or text area. The Value attribute presets an entry to a form field especially for checkboxes which are usually yes or no questions. Like we already did.
  • Examples of Field Names: Address, Quantity, Size.
  • Examples of values: 123 Main St, 25, large.
  • Examples of form field types are: textbox, select box, textarea, and checkbox.
Field 1Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 2Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 3Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 4Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 5Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 6Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 7Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 8Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 9Name:   Value: Type:    
Field 10Name:   Value: Type:    
Required Fields List what must be filled in before message is sent. Choose from the names of the fields that you specified. Enter those you wish to be required entries, separate the names with commas like this: email,size,color,city


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