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Cascading Style Sheet Generator Help - Body Attributes

These are the main descriptive titles for each section.

Text Color?
Enter a color as a hexadecimal value or actual color name.
e.g. #FF0000 is the color red. Use our color chart.

Font Size?
The size of the text for that tag. A size of 8px is small and 48px is very large. Our body text is 16px. Some examples of the sizes are:

  • This is 8px size.
  • This is 10px size.
  • This is 12px size.
  • This is 14px size.
  • This is 16px size.
  • This is 24px size.
  • This is 32px size.
  • This is 48px.

This is the font weight. Checking this box makes the text "bold" as compared to "normal" weight.

This is the font style. Checking this box makes the letters slanted so they are emphasized and stand out from the rest. This is "italic" this is "normal."

This is the color of the page itself it can be a solid color or an image. Usually if we are using an image we also use a background color that is similar so when the page loads and the image hasn't loaded yet there isn't a huge difference when the image does load. For example if the background color is black and the image is white it would be hard on the eyes to instantly go from dark to light.

If you are using a background image and you scroll down the page the image can move with the page or stay in place and the page contents can move over top of it. Checking yes will make it stay in place, our pages use a watermark.

Are you using tables?
If your page setup uses tables select this box so the text in them will be controlled too, we use the same options as the body text. If you aren't sure select it anyway if your page has no tables it won't hurt.

Now that you have a basic understanding go back to the generator.

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