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Error Page Creator

error page creator
The PCman Website Error Page Creator, to create your own please start at the main page. Press the buttons to preview or download each file. Save htaccess.txt and upload to your server in your main, public, root directory or whatever your web host calls your top level directory. Rename the file after you upload it to .htaccess remember the dot in front. If it seems to disappear it's OK it's your FTP software is hiding it ,it is still there. If you already have an .htaccess file you will have to carefully edit the file adding the lines from the new file to the existing one.

Create a directory in the top level directory called "error." So the URL would look like Then upload the error pages to it. You're done, it should work assuming you followed the directions correctly and your server is Apache Unix with .htaccess capabilities.

If you need to you can copy and paste the code created by the error page creator otherwise download it. To copy and paste click "Select" then right-click the highlighted text and select copy. From there you can right-click again to paste the code into an existing .htaccess file, etc.
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