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The PCman's PCman Game Archive

The PCman Game Archive

PCman Game archive pcman, pacman, ms. pacman game downloads and online play, fonts, themes, sounds, icons, winamp skins more. We searched and collected many versions of the Pac-man game and put them into this archive for others to use. You can download Pac man or play here online for free(below). Subscribe to our mailing list and you will be notified when we add new versions of the game. Enjoy The PCman's fun. Use our Forum to start a discussion about Pacman Or PCman.

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pcman pacman game
The PCman's PCman Game Archive
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Adventures in Time
Return of Arcade
Return of Arcade
Mrs. Pacman
Ms. Pac Man

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Play Online

Different versions to play:
Pacman Shockwave Flash - the best version we have! Realistic arcade play, sounds, graphics. It even has a high score list to post your high scores. Come back to beat the best score! HOT
Chompman - a good Pac-man java clone.
Flash Pacman 2 - a shockwave flash version.
Jaman - Another online Pac man version to play.
Pacman WAP Simulation - like playing on a cellphone.
Pacman 1 - based on Pacman.
Pacman 3 - Another Pac man online version to play.

Free Downloads

Disclaimer:To the best of our knowledge these are freeware unless otherwise noted. If anyone owns any of these softwares and doesn't want it included in our archive let us know. We did not write these softwares if they damage your computer we are not responsible. Always virus check your files first. If you are not comfortable with this policy don't download anything from The PCman Website!

Freeware versions to download:
3d Demon - old DOS version (27K)
CD Man - double click to open .zip file (176K)
Excel Version - written in Windows Excel. (16K)
Krapman - another Pac-man. (178K)
Mrs. Pacman - mrs. pac-man. (660K)
MsChomp - double click to open .zip file (100K)
Packman - double click to open .zip file (37K)
P a c m a n 4K - MS DOS 4Kb in size.
Pacman Kombat - double click to open .zip file (136K)
Pac Monsters - yet another version. (42K)
Pacpc 2 - double click to open .zip file (196K)
Pako 1 - double click to open .zip file (113K)
PC Man 1 - no sound in this version. (134K)
PCMan 2 - download another clone of Pacman. (218K)
PCMan 3 - download a Pacman arcade version. (120K)
PCMan 4 - a Pacman arcade version. (195K)
PCMan 5 - Greg Kuperberg's old 1982 version. (8K)
Titanman - double click to open .zip file (45K)

Shareware downloads:
Dodger - avoid the laser fire. (81K)
Gobble Man - another clone. (20K)
MsPacem - A Mrs clone. (286K)
PacMan - another file to eat dots and ghosts. (56K)
Super Pacmon - a super clone (71K)

Pacman Fonts

Windows Fonts: can use .zip file on mac and linux
Font 1 - freeware fonts.(22K)
Font 2 - freeware fonts.(15K)
Font 3 - more fonts.(22K)
Font 4 - another new font.(17K)

Pacman Sounds

Wav Sounds: .zip file for windows, mac and linux
Game Wav Sounds - various new wave file sounds.(230K)

Pacman Winamp Skins

Winamp Skins:
Winamp Skin 1 - (32K)
Winamp Skin 2 - (22K)
Winamp Skin 3 - (39K)
Winamp Skin 4 - (50K)

Pacman Windows Themes

Windows Themes: use file on windows, mac and linux
Boot up Splash Screen - (34K)
Cursors - animated and static. (5K)
Icons - many arcade icons. (14K)
Pacman Evolution - (don't rename file) a screen saver.(278K)
Theme 1 - (also mac linux file) cursors, sounds, icons.(327K)
Theme 2 - (also mac linux file) cursors, sounds, icons.(295K)
Wallpaper 1 - a new millenium wallpaper. (439K)
Wallpaper 2 - a new wallpaper. (31K)

New fun, free games are always added so check back often.

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