flash tron gameflash tron game
flash tron game

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tron game

Flash Tron Game

Flash Tron Game use strategy to control your light cycle to force your opponent to run into the trails or the walls. This version of flash tron game talks and can be played with one or two players. Press the button on the flash tron game to choose 1 or 2 players. Use your arrow keys to control the direction of your light cycle. Press the SPACE Bar to start and continue after each crash. The flash tron game will talk and tell you when to start driving your light cycle. Enjoy playing flash tron game online in our arcade.

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flash tron game
The PCman's Arcade Flash Tron Game
Sorry, you will need the <a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/" target="_blank">Flash Player</a> to play Flash Tron Game.
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tron game

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