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free graph paper
print graph paper online

FREE Graph Paper Print Graph Paper Online

FREE Graph Paper Print Graph Paper Online anytime at home for homework or a project. Choose from many popular sizes and many different colors, no special software or tools needed. Your can print graph paper online, choose the size of the grid and your preferred line color to print your own free graph paper any time you need it. To make free graph paper select from the choices below, then use your printer to print graph paper online. Please feel free to print graph paper online free. Create grahp graf freeware. Instructions

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free graph paper
The PCman's FREE Graph Paper Print Graph Paper Online

Step 1 - Select a Grid Size

As you can see the larger sizes have larger grid blocks.







Step 2 - Select a Line Color

If you want the lines to be lighter set your printer to print lighter.

Printing Instructions:

To Set the Margins please go to File, then Page Setup in your browser.
While there write down the letters located under the header and footer fields.
Remove the letters in the header and footer fields leaving them blank.
Also under Page Setup set all of the margins to 1/2 inch or 12.7cm.

To Make the Graph Print:
In Internet Explorer you need to go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced. Go down the list until you see the Print background colors and images box and check it.

In Firefox go to Page Setup, Format & Options, Print Background(colors and images).

Then because of a weird browser bug Print using File, Print instead of the button on the browser toolbar.
print graph paper

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