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Little Wizard Help and Hints

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Something strange has happened in the world of your little wizard - something evil.
Terrible creatures have started to appear around the countryside - vampire bats, ghosts of lost souls, demons straight from hell, and more besides.
You are a wizard, one of the last of your kind, and not a very experienced one either. You know that it is possible to make spells using the magical cauldron somehow, but you don't know exactly how to go about it.
You must travel the countryside, looking for answers, looking for information, and learning your magical craft. Eventually, you must save the land and banish the evil that blights the land, and restore peace and light.

How to Play:
* Click into the game screen and press any key to begin. You can move your little wizard around using the arrow keys.
* Collect an item by moving into it. If the item is used straight away, it will be, otherwise it will go into your inventory.
* Your inventory is shown at the bottom of the screen. A little white square highlights the item currently selected. Press TAB to change between items.
* Pressing SPACE will 'use' an item, if it can be at that time.
* Pressing 'd' will drop the currently selected item.
* There is no load or save - learning a simple spell will allow you to 'teleport' around the playing area easily, thus avoiding tedious repetition.
* Press ENTER to refresh the screen.
* Press '1' to '9' to change game speed. 1=Fastest, 9=Slowest.

Just to get you started, here are a few things you may see in the game:
Your character - the little wizard.
Treasure chest.
Vampire bat.

* Write down spells as you learn them - there are quite a lot.
* Placing an item in one cauldron is the same as placing an item in any cauldron - they are all linked magically.
* The man who sells information has some useful things to say, eventually.
* Spells, once cast, have a mind of their own sometimes.
* To navigate easily through narrow gaps, hold down two directions at the same time - example, if you are walking right and there is a narrow gap coming up below you, hold down the 'down arrow' key at the same time as the 'right arrow' key, and you will go down the gap without any problems.
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