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Answer some simple questions to create your very own web page. No knowledge of HTML or Word Processing needed. Our system uses advanced features like Cascading Style Sheets, custom color selections, Internet Explorer mouse-over effects, and custom image selections using your own logo and images. Choose Type face style and color, we even included Meta tags to get ranked by the search engines!

    Self-Service Web Design

You can create your own page file name. Select the alignment of the images and headings. We provide you with 11 hyperlinks to your other pages including one for a Contact Us link. We give clear instructions at each step. When you have finished using the Web Page Creator filling in the selections below, click the "Preview Page" button. If it's OK click "Next >>" you can save your page using the "Download Page(Save)" button on the creator page.

Self Service Web Design
    Make some pages today!

To get started click the Do It Yourself Web Page Creator link here. Then just go down the page and read the simple questions and fill in your answers. That's all there is to it! (The link above is not included in our Do It Yourself Web Design system additional needs such as these are gladly installed for additional charges.)

Make some pages today!
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