Lightz Out Help

Lightz Out is a simple little game modeled after a hand held game with a similar title.

Playing the game.

It couldn't be easier to play the game. Use your mouse to click the different squares. The object is to turn all of the lights off.

You can use the "Help" button to show you the first and second moves on the first twenty-five levels, after that you are completely on your own.

The reset button will take you back to the beginning of the board that you are on, and make available the help button again.

The start button can only be used from the very beginning of the game. It only starts board one.

The select board button allows you to choose any board that you want to try. There are a total of fifty boards. When you push the select board button, all the lights go out. Just click your mouse on one of the squares to see that board. For instance, if you want to play board fifteen, push the select board button and then click on the last square on the middle row, board fifteen will start automatically.

If you want to select a board between 26 and 50, all you need to do is push the select board button twice. This will light up the bottom right square, then you know that if you select one of the boards it will be from 26 to fifty.

Enjoy the game, and try not to get too addicted...