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The PCman Website! - Your source for fun, free games-services-software!

Your source for fun, free games-services-software

The PCman's Guest Book Old Entries

sign our guest book Welcome visitors... sign the new guestbook.
Scroll down to our old view entries. Sign The PCman's Guestbook, post any comments you may have about our site. We appreciate all of the kind words our visitors have to say about us it helps to motivate us to improve the site and provide more free services. Feedback is always valuable to know our visitors opinions of our website tells us what our visitors like and want.

102 people have signed this old guestbook from 12/29/2001 - 01/15/2004

The PCman's Guest Old Book Entries
  • john from brooklyn N.Y wrote on January 15. 2004, 23:36
    E-mail: tekkjr@hotmail.com
    love this site
  • Birgit Schreiner from Germany wrote on January 14. 2004, 11:47
    E-mail: panda6668@web.de
    Hello from germany
    You have a very nice page
  • Alan wenchuck from MI,USA wrote on January 10. 2004, 18:09
    E-mail: awenson@wideopenwest.com
    A great, helpful and cool site!
  • Eddie from Pennsylvania USA wrote on January 9. 2004, 21:46
    E-mail: kumitekid@kumitekid.com
    Love your site,has lots of cool stuff .Keep up the good work.
  • Merryl Javier from Philippines signed the guestbook on January 8. 2004, 05:09
    E-mail: Jocaso_03@yahoo.com
  • Lacie from baltimore md wrote on December 27. 2003, 14:10
    E-mail: bangergirl180@yahoo.com
    I used a lot of your games i mean a lot but you should really check my site out it ain't so bad
  • Daniel from Clarksville Tennessee wrote on December 27. 2003, 09:37
    E-mail: dell2583@msn.com
    Hope i get to hear from you guys.
  • Otobong Friday from Rivers State, Nigeria wrote on December 23. 2003, 03:06
    E-mail: briskywilly@yahoo.co.uk
    I love this site, I want to get a Guest book on mine too.
  • Ice-T from NYC, USA wrote on December 21. 2003, 06:30
    E-mail: IceT@cutey.com
    Thank you so much for letting me put game HTMLs to my site.
  • william tudhope from scotland wrote on December 7. 2003, 08:17
    E-mail: tadpole@voyager.startrek.org
    brilliant site. use the card creator a lot ,
    will tell all my workmates all about this site.
  • Daniel from United States, NJ wrote on December 6. 2003, 05:25
    E-mail: Numba1Jw2003@netscape.net
    Great website! It's really useful! My friends have started looking here too! It's a great addition to my website! Thanks! ~Daniel
  • Ryan from Indiana, USA wrote on December 4. 2003, 16:37
    E-mail: wolverine934@msn.com
    Sign this
  • sam from England wrote on November 27. 2003, 12:58
    E-mail: shorty151@btopenworld.com
    Hi is there anyone there who can make a logo for my site in return i would make a banner
  • Christina from USA wrote on November 20. 2003, 18:04
    E-mail: dramaqueen12103@hotmail.com
    Nice site luv it mucho!
  • charie from Philippines wrote on November 18. 2003, 15:00
    this book is very impormative and awesome
  • alex from canada wrote on November 18. 2003, 14:21
    E-mail: alex_figo_7_9@hotmail.com
    hi alex
  • Loz from England signed the guestbook on November 16. 2003, 13:30
    E-mail: lozzy100@hotmail.com
  • ~*¤Middie Wae¤*~ from Kentucky, USA wrote on November 13. 2003, 08:29
    I love the little card maker thing! "Tis oTay and funnAY" as me and my friends say about things we like! *lol*
  • keith thornhill from washington wrote on November 12. 2003, 20:49
    E-mail: 4thornhills@charter.net
    Hey thanx for the great games alot more people come to my site.
  • kim from taxas,usa wrote on November 7. 2003, 01:42
    7.11.2003 1:42:15
  • Colorado Basement Finish from Colorado, USA wrote on October 19. 2003, 19:40
    E-mail: cohandyman@coloradobasementfinish.com
    Pleasant site!
  • kris from il.usa wrote on October 13. 2003, 00:14
    E-mail: kris@hotmail.com
    you are numero uno
  • Robert from Brazil wrote on October 12. 2003, 03:04
    cool site indeed!
  • Sam from Belize wrote on October 12. 2003, 03:03
    How anyone didn't think about this site before !?
  • Yossi from Israel wrote on October 12. 2003, 03:02
    E-mail: news@gw.internet1x2.com
    Great site!
  • Charlie from Im not telling wrote on October 5. 2003, 14:54
    E-mail: PcSmarty1@hotmail.com
    I really like this site becuase I had no idea what HTML was until I went to this site and now my site is looking good!
  • dan from England wrote on September 30. 2003, 12:20
    E-mail: ned781@hotmail.com
    hi good site
  • dan from ks wrote on September 29. 2003, 16:37
    E-mail: dannybiz@hotmail.com
    great site you have
    the credit maker
  • Donn from usa wrote on September 29. 2003, 14:40
    E-mail: becky_donn@yahoo.com
    Thanks for the business cards--nice! Had a good time making one up and posting it.
  • madison from Canada wrote on September 18. 2003, 07:06
    E-mail: m_knapper@hotmail.com
    18.9.2003 7:6:14
  • carissa from OK united states wrote on September 13. 2003, 14:07
    E-mail: animal_160@hotmail.com
    hi im carissa how are you today you are the best
  • Arlana from USA wrote on August 27. 2003, 13:27
    Great Website :)
  • Kiwi Jones from London, England wrote on August 22. 2003, 02:22
    E-mail: kiwi@ciarae.com
    Very cool site you have here.I have tryed some of your arcade games and the site is an excellent resource.
    It also hardly has any ads which i very much appreciate!
    Thanks you
  • Debbie from ******ia wrote on August 21. 2003, 07:00
    E-mail: depa717@cs.com
    Very nice site.
  • Zauberer Zauberei from Germany wrote on August 11. 2003, 13:12
    E-mail: zauberer@magical-moments.de
    Lovely site, easy to use, browser friendly and full of information. Many thanks The Zauberer
  • katerina from MI, US wrote on August 11. 2003, 13:07
    sweeeet! i wish i'd get to you, people, sooner. big thanks for all the work you do!
  • Pedee Design Studios from ORegon wrote on August 10. 2003, 13:41
    E-mail: dan@aol.com
    Great site
  • steven from usa wrote on August 1. 2003, 22:37
    great site, very helpful

  • Steve from USA wrote on August 1. 2003, 12:09
    E-mail: netfuncards@yahoo.com
    Great site!
  • Tina from us wrote on July 31. 2003, 15:11
    E-mail: ckytina@hotmail.com
    this website has lots of stuff i like it!
  • Tom Matijasevic from Illinois, U.S. wrote on July 29. 2003, 13:20
    E-mail: ses5@bionicoutpost.com
    I found you through a link from Google.com. BTW - I like your site. I hope all is well. Tom
  • Besnik from Kosovo wrote on July 29. 2003, 10:37
    E-mail: gashi_sun@msn.com
    regjitrohu ne Librin e vizitorėve
  • Felix Bongers from Aberfoyle Pk Australia wrote on July 16. 2003, 05:26
    E-mail: flhb@ihug.com.au
    You have the most incredible site I have encountered in ages, if ever! You are terrific at this and very creative, indeed! I am wonderfully impressed and have bookmarked your site so I can finish my tour later on. I loved and enjoyed your site, and strive to improve my own skills with my websites so that I may actually impress you one day! Good for you! I think I will apply for your award after all; however, I am going to come back and have an other look. Well, anyway, I am thoroughly impressed and would love to tell my friends to check out a genuine site! Here's more power to you and May the Good Lord's love be with you always with a smile, in happyness and health... Take great care of yourself! What wonderful talent! Sincerely,Felix
  • devanh from 123 devanh st signed the guestbook on July 12. 2003, 10:57
    E-mail: devanh@mystupidschool.com
  • Antonio from Philippines signed the guestbook on July 8. 2003, 00:22
    E-mail: chaytonio@yahoo.com
  • Greg Jackson from NH wrote on July 3. 2003, 08:51
    E-mail: df@attbi.com
    kool, lol
  • John from USA signed the guestbook on June 25. 2003, 17:50
  • christopher bennett from uk, england wrote on June 22. 2003, 12:25
    thank you to this site for all the games i put on my site
  • Jestin from Nj, US signed the guestbook on June 20. 2003, 21:08
    E-mail: jdrmonkey91@netscape.net
  • Dmitry from Russia wrote on June 20. 2003, 14:28
    E-mail: gang_star@bratan.ru
    This site is very cool.
  • Nickermell from Not telling either! wrote on June 17. 2003, 20:02
    You should have more sports games, eg: skate boarding, soccer,etc.
  • Braeden Ralla from BC, Canada wrote on June 14. 2003, 10:57
    E-mail: bdiddy_01@hotmail.com
    It ****ed
  • Chrissy Pasaj from B.C Canada wrote on June 12. 2003, 21:18
    E-mail: chrissypasaj@shaw.ca
    great web site,lots to enjoy going threw
  • Jenna Patterson from TX, US wrote on May 31. 2003, 09:52
    E-mail: echooo@mail15.com
    Hi, guys I liked your site. It is funny and interesting. Keep it up.
  • yfsj from sfj wrote on May 26. 2003, 11:25
  • Deepan from England wrote on May 6. 2003, 10:12
    HI ppl leave your comments here about da site
  • gang land from romanania wrote on May 6. 2003, 02:35
    E-mail: gangland@go.ro
  • Lili from CO,US signed the guestbook on May 5. 2003, 15:53
    E-mail: allhailsanta@aol.com
  • Matthew from OR USA wrote on May 4. 2003, 18:29
    E-mail: mpartna@attbi.com
    Very good but your creator needs chat rooms!
  • bryan from usa wrote on May 1. 2003, 12:51
    E-mail: ukfan92@yahoo.com
    nice website
  • Deniz from NY/USA wrote on April 12. 2003, 10:13
    E-mail: Cutedeniz@aol.com
    I love my page!
  • fabian from tucson, az usa wrote on April 5. 2003, 14:18
    E-mail: mememe2024@yahoo.com
    I loved the console thing. You dont have to download the different games! you do have to make a few alterazations in the htm code but overall its a great program!
  • Kristin D. from USA, Ohio wrote on April 4. 2003, 09:02
    E-mail: ****erry16_67@HOTMAIL.COM
    Your site is really great i love the games mostly pac-man and bap is really fun i also like the joke riddles too so thanks for a great site!!!!
  • Flare from Australia, Victoria wrote on April 2. 2003, 18:12
    E-mail: staceyg@mooroopnasc.vic.edu.au
    Visit My web site!!!!
  • Nathen from UK, Wales, Newport wrote on March 30. 2003, 16:52
    E-mail: taz7632002@yahoo.com
    The Greeting Cards are cool
  • Kristin from Ohio wrote on March 24. 2003, 09:07
    Hey I love this sight he he ha ha!!!!!!
  • Mr. Turtle from USA wrote on March 21. 2003, 17:19
    E-mail: mad7390@aol.com
    Wow cool site I used ur games on mine! THX!!
  • mugu from usa wrote on March 21. 2003, 15:41
    ilovethis site
  • palanivelu from tamil nadu,india wrote on March 19. 2003, 06:34
    E-mail: palanimech@hotmail.com
    tamil nadu,india
    19.3.2003 6:34:47
  • marlene r from pa wrote on March 15. 2003, 08:15
    E-mail: mrch@netzero.net
    Hi !!!!!

    your site is great, I like what it offers
  • Moritz from Germany wrote on March 13. 2003, 04:21
    E-mail: guestbook@innofina.de
    Super seite!Bin begeistert!Es sollte mehr von solchen geben!Weiter so!
  • The RAIA from Ohio,Rossford wrote on February 25. 2003, 16:59
    E-mail: ria@firehousemail.com
    We needed information
  • Dexter from CA, USA wrote on February 21. 2003, 07:19
    E-mail: info@ex-designz.net
    Informative site
  • **************x from ************X wrote on February 2. 2003, 09:48
    Wow its cool I like it
  • karim from morroco wrote on February 2. 2003, 02:17
    E-mail: karim_sami@hotmail.com
  • ashley from england wrote on January 30. 2003, 03:28
    E-mail: ash_1824@hotmail.com
    great site
  • Raymond from Pa. wrote on January 13. 2003, 23:28
    E-mail: nite owl@juno.com
    Greeting Cards are great. Interesting site. I'll be back to see whats new. Lots O' Luck.
  • Joe Lowenski from Poland wrote on January 12. 2003, 18:51
    Great games and web tools. thanx
  • natalie tompkins from England wrote on January 9. 2003, 12:17
    E-mail: splattynatty@hotmail.com
    Your site Rocks!!!!!!!!!

    wicked games!
  • gloop from england wrote on December 5. 2002, 06:14
    E-mail: impized@hotmail.com
    yo cheers those games are makin a great feature on my site do u do anay thin else to but on web sites well gtg e-mail me
  • CyberStar from Lewisporte Newfoundland Canada wrote on December 3. 2002, 08:44
    E-mail: gigamatt@hotmail.com
    Awsome site here
  • FAHRUDIN from BOISE wrote on November 27. 2002, 12:24
    E-mail: bosanceros123@mybluelight.com
  • Lia from London England wrote on November 21. 2002, 03:13
    E-mail: 00laugag@qegschool.org.uk
    this is a really good site
  • Raymond from emsal wrote on November 18. 2002, 22:45
    I checked out the site and found it very helpful. Good links and Free stuff. Free IS GOOD. Keep up the good work
  • Kit from Bellevue, NE USA wrote on November 9. 2002, 21:58
    E-mail: urkitty@cox.net
    Your website is quite helpful! I'll be sure to put a link up on my site, just as long as you guys keep up the good work! Take Care.... Kit :)
  • Matthew Hubbert from Boston, Lincolnshire, England, UK wrote on September 29. 2002, 11:08
    E-mail: matthew@tbwt.com
    I think this website is COOL! I love everything on it.
  • Vito from Atlanta, GA wrote on September 25. 2002, 18:00
    E-mail: vitomizer@earthlink.net
    Hi, you probably never check this, but I'll give it a shot anyhow. How are you? Long time no talk. Hope everybody is doing good.
  • monkeyman333 from Like, scooby-doo where are you? wrote on September 24. 2002, 10:54
    I love the website. On my website I've got Mario 2! :D
  • Jeremy from NYC wrote on September 17. 2002, 18:07
    E-mail: jeremy@pprofessionaltaste.com
    Your site is full of information that I need! Thanks. :)
  • Saadia from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom wrote on July 31. 2002, 05:25
    E-mail: saadia3@hotmail.com
    Excellent website...Welldone
  • Anna Hefele / Coyote Jo from Alberta, Canada wrote on May 20. 2002, 09:27
    E-mail: coyote_jo@lycos.com
    Super Great site, going back to check out some more pages.

    You got my Diamond Vote... Good Luck! !
  • rob simmons from austin,tx wrote on April 8. 2002, 12:24
    Hope to see more additions to the PCman archive.
  • Daniel Domanico from USA wrote on March 29. 2002, 19:38
    E-mail: dannyd@comcat.com
    the site looks great!
  • Theresa Adams from Atlanta,GA wrote on March 24. 2002, 14:38
    Looking forward to more games. Keep up the good work.
  • hart2hart from SPARTANBURG SC signed the guestbook on March 15. 2002, 16:47
    E-mail: daytripper@hotmail.com
  • barb from exton wrote on March 13. 2002, 10:29
    E-mail: buffy@b-2000.net
    how do i get this to be my default start up page?
  • Sharon Thomas from Cleveland,OH wrote on March 2. 2002, 10:28
    Nice site the online magazines page has some useful links on it.
  • Marr Rylak from Penna. wrote on February 22. 2002, 14:49
    I like the Cards, Games Arcade and Freeware. Freebees are great. Looking foward to more.
  • Ray Rich from USA wrote on February 22. 2002, 14:42
    Lookin good. Keep it up.
  • Steve Davis from seattle, wa ,usa signed the guestbook on December 29. 2001, 19:38
  • Ernie Cousins from trenton, nj, usa wrote on December 29. 2001, 19:29
    Nice site I wanted to say the games and freeware are my favorites.
    Keep up the good work.
  • The PCman from usa wrote on December 29. 2001, 16:58
    URL: https://www.thepcmanwebsite.com
    This is the first message on the new guestbook the old one had some troubles so we replaced it.
    Please feel free to leave any messages or comments. If you like what we have to offer say so!
    Thank you, The PCman

New features are always added so check back often.

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