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Freeware Downloads 2

freeware Freeware in many categories: Utilities for Business and Word Processor, Disk, Graphics, Hardware, and System. We've collected some of the best freeware that rivals paid programs. We constantly search for newer and better freeware links , so check back often and Bookmark this page as new links are always added. Note:These freeware programs are for a PC running Windows.

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More Freeware

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The PCman's Freeware Categories

Audio Utilities

  • Maplay1.2+ - player and decoder utilities.
  • ASIA - Asia, a nice working .wav file editor, player and editor for audio files.
  • CD-R ID - checks the dye type and brand of CD-R's.
  • How to copy records and tapes to CD - simple step by step instructions, our tutorial that explains how to record music on your computer and make your own CDs from it. We tell you about the common hardware and free software you will need to record your own music onto CDs.
  • Audacity - a great working audio editor.

Business & Word Processor Utilities

  • F-R-E-E Business Cards - create and print them yourself.
  • Hex Editor - edit binary files with this no cost hex editor.
  • Open Office - A good free full office suite, word processor. drop MS office
  • Yankee Clipper 3 - clip board extender copies pictures, etc.
  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) - an excellent encryption program.

Disk Utilities

    Cacheman - set and manage your disk cache.
  • Disk Hog - analyzes and displays hard disk space usage.
  • Disk Scan - analyzes hard disk space usage.
  • Eraser - also wipes your drive clean.
  • Space Monger - shows disk space usage.
  • BC Wipe - erases your drive irrecoverably, now shareware.
  • Disk Data - displays hard drive space usage.
  • Partition Manager - copies,resizes,formats partitions, floppy boot.

Graphics Utilities

  • Code V Ruler - good for measuring images on your screen.
  • Color Cop - color picker, hex convertor.
  • Dot Color - color picker.
  • Gimp - open source graphics editor.
  • Irfanview - image viewer/editor/batch supports tons of formats.
  • List Pics - makes .htm file from pics in a directory.
  • Super Magnify - magnify your desktop up to 15 times.
  • Free Skins and Themes - browse our collection of skins and themes.
  • Free Skins 4 U - many different skins, themes, cursors, wallpaper and more.
  • Pacman Winamp Skins - several choices for winamp.
  • Reptile - create your own backgrounds.
  • 3D Gif Designer -create 3D animated gifs.
  • Print Key - desktop capture tool.
  • Strata 3D - create 3D images, more.

Hardware Utilities

  • AnalogX MaxMem - computer RAM manager.
  • CD Speed - tests computer CD ROM specs.
  • FreeMem Std. - frees memory for better performance.
  • Open-Close CD - open/close CD and launch a program.
  • Rampage - memory manager loads in the system tray.

System Utilities

  • Clean System Directory - finds & removes unused DLL's w/ BU.
  • Regcleaner - select what registry keys to delete with check boxes.
  • Tweak UI for 9x - change hidden settings in Windows 95, 98, ME registry.
  • Filemon XP - monitors and displays file system activity in real time.
  • Kill Win - exit Win 9X OS quickly. (removed-obsolete)
  • Process Explorer XP - displays active dll's, handles and processes.
  • Regmon XP - monitors and displays your programs registry activity.
  • PowerToys for Windows XP - change hidden settings in Windows XP registry.
  • X-Setup - customize more than 400 settings in Windows, etc.

New software is always added so check back often.

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