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computer test
computer test

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online computer test computer test

Computer Test Online

computer test online Computer Test test your knowledge of computer hardware, see how many questions can answer correctly. There are many online computer test, test yourself on computer hardware, specs, components. Try our online computer test to test your computer knowledge by providing the correct answers to our test questions. We have many different testes on various computer subjects. The PCman online computer test.

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free computer test
The PCman's Free Computer Test

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This is Test: Number 3

Please answer the following 10 questions and then press the Mark Test button below.

  1. The Front Side Bus (FSB) is also known as:
  2. Which video standard is designed to replace PCI and AGP?
  3. A video connector that contains analog and digtal video is called:
  4. The benefit of Hyper-threading is to act like?
  5. EFI or Extensible Firmware Interface is a new standard for what?
  6. A USB bus is capable of supporting how many devices at one time?
  7. Bluetooth technology operates using:
  8. What is the transfer rate of a USB 2.0 bus?
  9. WiFi uses which standard?
  10. How many pins are there in an IDE cable for an ATA100 interface?

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The PCman Website Computer Test 3

New features are always added so check back often.

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